Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 1

Hey cupcakes. I miss you. I've been busy getting back to life since my vacation. I'm so behind on blog reading too. Woof.

I know that I have enough material for the week but I can't decide what to talk about on what day. Hmmph.

I'll just start from the beginning. Wife and I left on Friday afternoon to start our journey. We did really well until we got stuck in traffic. I figured it was just OKC 5 o'clock traffic, but there was actually a car accident. That shit looked rough. But we made it!!! And I only had to use my gps once. And I don't even know why I did because I've been to my auntie's enough times I should know how to get there.

She's a princess. Don't argue, you won't win.

After we got there we hung out and lugged our 646648945 bags in. Mind you this was only a 4 day trip. We don't pack lightly. I don't think we know how. After we visited for awhile it was time for dinner! My favorite. lol. We went to BJ's which is a brewhouse. I'd never been to a brewery before so I was excited. That shiz is HUGE!! And it was commencement night for OU so they were even busier than normal. I knew that since I was at a brewery I had to have some beer, and not budlight. I wasn't sure what kind I wanted so they let me sample 3 of them. 

From left to right 
Lightswitch Lager
Brewhouse Blonde
Jeremiah Red

Jeremiah Red was the winner. It's like an Irish Ale and I really enjoyed it!

I even went and out did myself and did OOFD. I don't EVER do those. It's kinda crazy. Unfortunately I can't post the pic because I deleted it but you can check it out here.

The girls.

After that it was time to go home. The next day was Dallas/Kenny day!!


Whitney Leigh said...

ahhhh so fun!! :) look at you guys. love it.

Jordan said...

Yay you're back! Gotta love BJ's! :) I'm a pansy and always get one of the first two you sampled. Looks like you had fun and I can't wait to hear more!