Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Girls

I can't decide which puppy I want to talk about today. I have the love of my life and my bestest friend in the whole widest world. Or, I could go with the idiotic brand new puppy. Maybe a little of both? That sounds like the plan.

I don't know if I've told you before but Trixie was quite the hellion in her youth. I know all puppies are, but Trixie was the worst. She chewed up everything. EVERYTHING. But she would never chew on anything while I was home. She is really smart like that. However, she's also as dumb as a box of rocks. How my dog has not died beats the piss out of me. I believe it's because she thinks she's a cat. I mean, she lays around all day and does nothing. She lays just like a cat and sleeps in places cats sleep.

You're probably wondering what could this dog have chewed up that's any worse than what any other dog has done? Well let's see....
Fish food and it's containter
birth control pills
shoes (like every other dog), a million and one shoes
the crotch out of almost all my mom's jeans
tampons (fucking disgusting)
trash bags 

And all of that is just becuase I left the house and she was alone. I try not to leave her alone very much anymore. I like my shit. But seriously, how does a dog eat some of that stuff and not have to have their stomach pumped? I'm not complaining because vet bills aren't the shit. They're too damn expensive. 

But I wouldn't trade these amazing cuddles for anything in the world. No matter how much it chews up. My baby is my baby. And I love the cuddles. I need all the cuddles. I don't know what I'd do without her. 

And then there's the new little dumb dumb I have. I don't even know what to say about that girl. She's a special girl. She finally has a middle name. Olivia Wild. And yes, I did name my dog after a celebrity. But she really is wild. Blake calls her a wild indian all the time so I thought it was appropriate. While she doesn't cuddle, I actually got her to for a little bit last night. It was nice. I just wanna show you pictures of her because I know how much you guys love her. 

Get the phone!

That's her 2 week photo. She's gotten soooo big.

She looks just like Stitch from Lilo and Stitch.


And the upside down sleep position. 

This dog has to sleep upside down. It's so weird. 

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Stephanie said...

They're just so freaking cute though! Hawkeye had a tiny chewing phase. Teeny tiny. I think 1 pair of shoes, she chewed the back of a pair of fake cowboy boots. I still wear them. And I think she ate underwear once. Other than that she behaves.
Except tissues. God help you if you blow your nose around her, she's on top of you in an instant trying to eat the damn tissue. Disgusting.

Adriana said...

so glad you linked up! both your pups are adorable (duh) but puppy phases are hard haha

Katie said...

omg what happened when she at birth control pills?!

Erin said...

they are both so freaking cute!!!

Laura Darling said...

So so adorable!!

Chelsea Phelps said...

Saying hello from the Tall Tails link-up! Your furbaby is sooo precious! She looks soooo much like a dog that we rescued a few months back, it's uncanny! (Here's a pic: http://anchorsaweigh-ouradventure.blogspot.com/2012/12/darla.html) Excited to have found you! Now following through GFC :)