Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Waiting Tables Wednesday

I know that you all love some good ol' OG stories. I can't blame you. I enjoy reading other people's rants about whatever restuarant they work at. It's a good time had by all. And boy, do I have a story for you.

So, incase you haven't seen any commercials and/or are living under a rock, our Unlimited Pasta Bowl is back. Cue sadness and anger from any OG server anywhere. The people that come out for this defintiely let their freak flags fly. They don't give a fuq. Unlimited pasta for $10?!?!?! Fuck yeah, I'll take 5489461 refills please.

Well, Tuesday night, as I was hungover and serving, my last table of the night came in. And I could just tell. I could just tell that they were pot loving hippies. No shame in their game. I don't really care either way, but sometimes I judge (ok, I judge a lot) and I didn't figure there would be a nice tip in this for me. So, seeing as how I had 2 other tables with the possibility of bigger tips, these guys were at the bottom of the totem pole. But none of my tables were needy so they got good service.

It was a mom, her daughter, and her daughter's boyfriend. I had somebody else get their drinks because I was a little busy at the moment. I went up to their table and just knew that pasta bowl was what they were gonna order. And they did. All 3 of them. Not a big deal. They all wanted salad too. So I brought their salad out and went along with my little routine. I left them be, because honestly, they didn't really want much at the beginning.

As my other tables left, I started to hokey pokey the floor around them and fill my sugars and salt and pepper. As I was hokeying, I saw a pot leaf tattoo on the boyfriend's leg. So it was confirmed. I finally went back and asked if I could refill anything for them. They were still on first drinks, first bowl, first salad, and first bread after 25 minutes. That shit is crazy for Olive Garden. They said yeah and were ready to place their refill orders. This is where shit started being weird. See, you can add unlimited protein options as well, for an extra $2.99. Well, the mom and the daughter didn't get any extras on their first bowl but they wanted to see if they could get some on the second. I told them that if I could it would charge them. I couldn't figure out how to get it on there (I've since learned) and told them I couldn't do it. I honestly didn't want to take the time to find a manager and ask. When they ordered their refills, they told me that they had a gift card and really didn't want to go over that amount. No big deal, I figured it was a $50 gift card.

I continue on with my business. And now they start to ask for refills of everything. I tell them I'll bring them new drinks. They try to hand me their glasses. I'm like, "No, I'll bring you another glass." They fought with me about it until I told them that we were supposed to bring fresh glasses for refills. And then the mom asked for more cheesy bread. Wait what? We don't have cheesy bread. She meant breadsticks but continued to call it cheesy bread for the rest of their dinner. As I'm cleaning again, I hear the boyfriend say "We need to go to the store before they close so I can get the fake stuff. I'm out." I thought to myself, well, good for you for not having any shame and making sure everybody knows. lol.

As they're finishing up I go and get their check. I come back and place it on the table and give them my little check talk. I continue to clean and I hear the mom tell the kids that nice fancy places like this already include your tip in the ticket.

Great, there goes my tip. I listen to her blabber for about two more minutes before I have to say something. I get all polite and say "Ma'am, I don't mean to interrupt, but I want you to know that at Olive Garden, we never put any gratuities on the ticket unless there are 8 or more entrees. We don't want you to feel pressured to tip." She replied with "Oh, no honey, I'm not talking about you." Bitch please! I just heard what you said.

I take their book back to cash them out and they have teh gift card and cash. The ticket was only like $40 bucks. I was confused at this point. Their gift card was only for $25. They seriously thought that they could come in, have two $10 dinners, and a $13 dollar dinner, plus three pops for about $9 all for $25??

At least I got a good laugh.

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