Tuesday, November 26, 2013

19 Cents

Happy last day of work for all you real jobbers out there. I get Thanksgiving off though, so I'm not too bitter about it.

Yesterday I closed the lunch shift at work. It was terrible. I don't understand people. I understand that lunch is cheaper than dinner so tips won't be as much, but I don't understand why expecting 10 percent is expecting too much. I think only tipping 10 percent is cheap, but at least it's 10 percent. Most people have the deceny to do this.

Except ofr yesterday. I worked my ass off the last 3 hours I was at work because we got a rush. And for working from 11 until 430 I only made $42. Yes, technically that's around $7 an hour however, it could have, no scratch that, it should have been more.

You see, yesterday I was stiffed twice. Normally, I understand why I get stiffed. My service wasn't up to par, the food sucked, they waited too long, or they just like to complain about everything. None of this stuff happened to these two gentleman though. We laughed a little bit, I was aware of their drinks, bread, and salad the whole time. None of that stuff was ever low. However, when they left, neither one of them tipped me.

Let me tell you something...In Missouri servers DO NOT make minimum wage. If you think that is the case, than please ask your server how they get paid. Yes, they'll look at you funny, but if you explain to them why you're curious, they'll feel better. My guess is that these gentleman thought I made a wage. I really hope that's what it was.

Getting stiffed is tough, but there are worse things out there. What could they be..well how about a 19 cent tip. Yes, I had an awful table have the audacity to tip me 19 fucking cents. They wrote out 19 cents on their credit card slip. It wasn't even just a keep the change kind of thing. They had to think about it.

See, I've had this table before. I didn't like them the first time and I sure as shit don't like them now. Next time they're seated in my section I will refuse to take it. I don't know if I can give good service to somebody who can be low enough to act like that. Grown fucking adults. It's bad enough we expect it out of teenagers, but I shouldn't be fucked by an adult. Their service wasn't great, but it wasn't terrible. I forgot to bring their bread refill one time. And they snapped at me about it. I'd love to see them do my job.

If you can't/don't want to/won't tip, then please please don't go out to a restaurant. This is how we pay our bills. It sucks having other people decide whether or not my bills are going to be paid. I know that a lot of people feel like servers and wait staff are scum of the earth, illiterate, high school dropouts, but that's not the case. We're single moms, we're kids going to college, we're somebody with a degree who couldn't find a job. There are many reasons why people choose to work in a restaurant. And just because we work in one doesn't mean you're any better than us. We have more compassion in our left pinkies than many people have in their hearts because of this job. We enjoy making people happy, because if we didn't, we sure as hell wouldn't work our asses off doing what we're doing.

Just remember me next time you go eat. Maybe the service isn't up to par, maybe the food sucked. But before you don't tip, take a second and look around you. Look at how much work your server is doing. Look at their faces. Are their eyes blood shot and baggy? Maybe, just maybe they have a reason. Mayve they couldn't sleep last night, maybe they had to go work their second or third job, maybe they're just having a bad day. Servers are allowed to have bad days. Because we're people too. We try not to show that we're having bad days, but some people's faces show it more than others.

Just remember the golden rule, always treat people how you want to be treated. And treat your server that way. You could be the one table to make their shift. The table that sends them home with a smile on their face and a happy heart.


Erin said...

I think bad tippers are asshats! eat at home if you don't want to leave 20%

Jordan said...

You know, I've never been in the service industry but common courtesy should be common fucking sense. I am a habitual 20% tipper and will only tip less if I feel the service was less than expected. I thought this was a rule of thumb? 10% seems cheap to me so 20% for most and then I'll tip more if I really like them.

Sorry this happened to you! Are there any other decent restaurants in the area? I just hate hearing shit like this, some people are so cheap! If you don't have money, STAY THE FUCK HOME.

And I've never even been a waitress before!

Jess said...

I was a server once, and it's a lot harder than it looks. There are really bad days where you still have to be cheerful; most jobs do not have pay based on your cheerfulness! Also some (a lot!) of people just suck. I worked in a terrible neighborhood, so the crowd there was not good. Also was one of the only white people lol. I hope your day gets better, and don't worry about scummy people! They're just scummy inside and trying to pretend it's someone else's fault.

Stephanie said...

I would never not tip, it just makes no sense to me. I've had shitty service before but I still tip. There's only been 1 time, I still tipped her, but then I complained hard core to her manager. This girl was this little teenage shit and was just god awful with her attitude and the place was dead. Not like she was swamped she was just pissed she had to do something besides text her friends. So I tattled on her. But she was a giant brat and deserved it so I don't feel bad at all!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

I don't understand how people DON'T tip. If you don't have money for a tip then DON'T GO OUT TO EAT. And y'know what? You aren't their only table so if they forget the bread basket... big fucking deal. Assholes. What people don't realize is that it's not all YOUR fault... there are other people that work there and you're in it together... cooks, hostess, etc. You're not in charge of how THEY do THEIR jobs. If they are slow cooking one day that's not on YOU. God. People are the worst. And how do you NOT know that servers get like $2 an hr? Do you live under a rock? Did you eat paint chips as a kid? Okay, I need to count to 10... hahahah