Monday, September 29, 2014

Life Lately, by the Numbers

Man, it's been a minute since I've been here. I thought I'd update you on what life is like over in these parts of the woods.

But first, let me say, I read blogs all day long, I just don't comment very often anymore. If I can ever get myself back into blogging regularly, then maybe I'll comment more. Anyway, here we go...oh yeah, first, this idea was taken from Elle at elle, ink. Ok, we're good to go...

3 - Bridal Expos I've been to in the last two weeks. My mind is overwhelmed. Stuff is so pretty but also so pricey. Unfortunately, I didn't win anything from them. Sad face.

654816 - times I've thought about coming here to write something. Then I get here and it just doesn't seem as good as I thought it would.

1- new little kitty we let in our lives. We found her in the ditch outside of Blake's house. Her name is Penelope. If you follow on insta, you've probably seen her. She is quite a spitfire. She's a crazy little shit. But I love her sooooo much.

56848161 - times I've already freaked out and had a panic attack over wedding planning. I love it, but hate it at the same time. I hope somebody can save my sanity. And my fiance, because sometimes, the panic attacks are his fault. Bless his heart.

6 - The number of teeth my little human has lost. And she pulls most of them out by herself! I don't know where she gets the balls to do that, but good for her.

1- Relay for Life I've been to. I had a really good time at it. My stepmom and dad set most of it up and did all the important committee stuff.  Next year I hope I can be more of a help to their team. As you all know, I've been close to cancer in my life. Not myself personally though. The relay really helped me emotionally, I felt like cancer had closure. It was a nice experience.

3 - Fires I was a part of this weekend. Two were huge! And one was in a small fire pit with Teagan and Blake while we listened to live music a little down the road. I couldn't complain.

she didn't get the scary eyes memo
That's about all I've got. Miss me. Leave me some love. Send me all your good blogging vibes so that I come back again soon.


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Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

Wow she pulled her own teeth out! That is brave! What a cute kitty!