Sunday, March 11, 2012

Comfort Food

As I sit here on this rainy Sunday afternoon not feeling well and wanting nothing more than to stop being sick for a couple of weeks, I eat a bowl of pot roast. And it is delicious. It brings back warm fuzzy memories of family get togethers and Sunday dinners. And for a little while, I feel a little bit better.

That, my dear readers, is my definition of comfort food.

Who doesn't love comfort foods? They take you back. They make you feel like a child again. They make you feel all is right in the world. Probably one of everybody's favorite things, comfort foods is all that and a bag of potato chips. Loll.

The smells that bring you joy and surround the house with wonderful scents all day long only make you want them more. They don't only make your stomach full; they leave your heart full of happiness and being content for the time being.

As much as we may not get to eat them, they hit the spot every time. Comfort foods always leave you longing for more. Comfort food is the reason gluttony exists. Over eating them is guaranteed. Leaving you with a full belly, you don't mind and can easily drift off to sleep.

My comfort foods are pretty typical. A savory pot roast with potatoes, my grandma's thick potato soup full of so many different flavors, my momma's one of a kind meatloaf without anything I don't like, my dad's warm cheese dip that brings back many football Sunday memories, and last, but definitely not least, macaroni and cheese. There are many more, don't get me wrong, but these are the ones that leave me with the best memories.

So readers, what do you savor? What makes you feel like a child again, bringing back warm happy thoughts? Feel free to let me know, because some of those might just join my list.


ksparkman said...

My grandma's chicken and dumplings and her mostaccioli. Nobody can make them like she does! In fact there are times when I call her up and ask her to make them for me.There is nothing better than going to grandma's house and feeling like her little grand daughter again it's a short period of time I can forget about the real world!

dykesz001 said...

you have it right with the pot roast, that is what my grandma makes every time we have a family eat over there. Gotta love the good family eats!