Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Letter to My Daughter

"My universe will never be the same, I'm glad you came,I'm glad you came." - The Wanted "Glad You Came"

I think those are the most perfect lyrics to describe how I feel about my daughter on this very special day...her birthday! I know that the song is about a different kind of relationship then the one I have with my daughter, but it just feels right ya know.

I have decided that every year on her birthday-starting with this one- that I'll write her a letter. So here it goes.

My princess, pumpkin, monkey, little person, and my favorite, baby. Today you're four. What a crazy thing to say. Four years ago you changed the world when you came out with chubby little cheeks. I never realized what an impact it would be. I was young to say the least. But, I wouldn't have it any other way.

This past year you have grown in so many ways. Physically, I swear you got two feet taller. Your hair has grown so long and curly. You've gotten more beautiful as your smile becomes more defined. But growing physically, isn't really a lot of the fun stuff. You've become even more of  a shining beam of light this year. You've gotten so smart, loving, and fun. I can see how much you've learned from your year of preschools from watching you begin to write your name to finally learning how to pedal your bike. You've become more social and you love to love people. I can see it in your face anytime I come home from work. You look so happy to see me. You love to take care of your family and friends, and this has made you so sweet. Your personality has really taken off. You'll be a ray of sunshine, I can already tell.

I don't know what life would be like without you, and honestly,I probably don't want to know. You make me so proud. It's not been the easiest ride for us, not that it's been terribly hard either, but we'll get there. When you reach over and hold my hand, my heart melts. In that one second I am overcome with love and could probably melt into a puddle. You my dear, are the love of my life. Forever and always. You give me joy and strength. You help me see the world in a new light. I couldn't ask for anything better.

Love always,

The day you were born

7 Months, First Halloween

Around 1

Sometime at 2

And the lovely 3

And today at 4!


brittanylynn09 said...

This was a sentimental blog post. Your daughter is cute too. I hope birthday was a fun day for her!

Ali said...

You need to print this and make sure she gets it one day!

amhedges1s said...

This is such an awesome idea! I love that you will be writing her a letter each year for her birthday. These letters will be very important to her. Your daughter sounds and looks like she has turned into a beautiful young lady! You're lucky to have such love in your life! Happy Birthday! :)

John S. said...

That letter will mean so much to her in the years ahead. Make sure that you save a copy to give to her each year. I wrote my oldest son a letter when he was one year old. My letter was different in that I was writing mine to him as a means of introducing myself if I didn't return from Desert Storm. That letter has been lost over the years but I still remember how hard it was to write to him. Not knowing if I would ever see him our my unborn son at the time. I was asking a lot of a first born son who had only turned one. Thankfully I returned and had the opportunity (on and off) to watch all three of my sons grow to become very strong and strapping young men. I missed so many important days during my time of serving this country. Days that I can never get back but I am so proud of the men my sons have become.