Saturday, May 5, 2012

Friday's Letters - 1

Work- I'm about to give up on you. Please get busy or make some people tip!! I'm losing my mind here.

Teagan - I really miss you little girl. I'm so glad that you're school is almost out and we get to spend more time together. I hope that you enjoy our time we get to have though.

Blog - I'm starting to get excited about you. I hope we can soon get more followers and maybe have somebody do a layout for you.

School - I'm kinda happy you're almost over. It sucks at the same time though. I know that I'm going to miss you after a few weeks.

Friends + Family - I love you all very much!

Workout - Im so proud of myself for actually sticking to you 2 days in a row. I know that I can do this. Andddd I only had water to drink today and I feel great about it. Go me.

This is all I'm gonna do for now. I hope to continue Friday's Letters and encourage my readers to do it too. Hope I have loner/more letters next week! Grab the button from Adeventures of Newlyweds!!


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