Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy Sunday

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Well, it's Sunday. I don't know if that makes me happy or disappoints me. 
I'd say both. I'm happy until it gets dark. And then the disappointment settles in. Why you ask....well, because tomorrow is Monday.(we need to talk about it as quietly as possible to be sure to not ruin the rest
of our Sunday)

Anyway, I had a decent weekend I guess. I worked like I always do during the weekend (although, if I ask off I do usually get the day off) . I like what I do, but I don't like where I work. And I enjoy most of my coworkers =). It just isn't a great place for employees. But, that's for a different post!

I had to start sharing my Saturdays with somebody for the first time in over a year at work. It sucks! I love being the only driver on a Saturday because I make some damn good money! It kinda really sucked. And today was just ok at work. Not very busy.

I don't know if I like sharing my boring weekend with you guys. I now everybody says to be real in your blogs so this is me being real! I'm not very much fun.

After work yesterday Blake and I hung out at home. I wasn't feeling very peppy or happy yesterday =(. Tonight was awesome though. I got off work on time for once! I had dinner with mi madre and I did really good. I'm trying to lose weight so I had a grilled chicken breast with veggies and a raspberry tea. I know, should have had water, but I've had water and nothing else for the past two days and I wanted a little flavor. I didn't even get one refill! Go me. I ordered Blake a chicken fried steak to go. OMG did it look amazing. MMMMM. I could have had if I wouldn't have been so bad at work today. Eeeeekkkk. I don't wanna talk about that.

After dinner I took my momma home and went and got my munchkin. We went to get her some McDonald's. I guess she didn't eat at her dad's. Idk. That's not really surprising. Then we went on to Blake's. We played for a bit and then she went and hung out with his parents. While she was with them Blake and I just hung out. Talked about stupid funny things! It was finally time for my munchkin to go to bed but we had to to rough house. Lol. Have to break the rules from time to time. It was a wonderful evening spent with some of my favorite people.

This week brings the end of school. That's nice to hear, but I'll be bored within a couple of weeks. I'm taking a summer class so this doesn't happen. A lot of work this week too. Actually, I don't work a lot this week! Yay. My sister graduates on Friday. I'm proud. =). I'm off Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday! Yay me.

I hope everybody has a great week and all that good stuff!

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Lindsey Mercer said...

I only get a 2 week break from school... but I guess that is something. So excited for it, though! Hope you have a good summer!