Friday, June 1, 2012

Ehhhh Work

Some people just don't get it. I know that I've bitched about my job before but I need to vent so deal with it for a minute. In the past 3 days I have worked 26 hours. Yes, I know that could be 8 hours a day and some change, but it's not. I worked 13 hours today. THIRTEEN! That's a big number. I work with assholes who love to quit when they know that they're all we've got. I work really hard for my daughter but sometimes I just want to quit too. But I'm an adult and I realize that I can't! It's bullshit. My place of employment isn't the best place and higher ups don't seem to care about employees but for some reason, I stay.

That's just the tip of the hat. If peope realized that I don't get any money from my employer for my deliveries do you think I would get tipped? I took 25 deliveries in 13 hours and made a whole fucking $50. That's fucking stupid. People really suck at life. Gas isn't cheap.

I was going to do a link up about monthly goals with this post. I just don't think it flows though. So...I'm probably going to do two posts in one night. I'm probably breaking some form of blogger "rules" but oh well...

Hope you enjoyed my rant and all that good stuff!

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