Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pink Saturday

I was clicking and reading my way through blog land when I came across a link party called Pink Saturday. Ummm yes!!!

I love love love the color pink. It's a good thing I had a girl or I might have dressed my little boy in some pink. Hahaha, just kidding (kinda)!

But seriously, I really didn't like it until my daughter came along. I'm glad she showed me the way of the woman. Lol.  Now I can't get enough of it! So I figured I'd do the Pink Saturday post with How Sweet The Sound.

I wish I had a party to attend soon so that I could make this!

Of course I do! Yay for pink and sparkles =)

Source: via Laura on Pinterest
Every woman deserves her own throne.....and mine will be pink!

Idk what this is but stars and pink are definitely two of my favorite things.

When I'm older,fabulous, and doing what ever I've decided I'm going to do with my life, this is what my office will look like! I don't really care what anybody says! This is powerful.

What does your Pink Saturday look like?


Denise Adorian said...

Oh My!I love your pinks.I hope you do get your gorgeous office someday.Thank you for visiting Me.Grandma Denise

Cindy F. Adkins said...

I didn't realize how much I love the color pink until I started linking to Pink Saturday! Nice to "meet" you! I enjoyed all your pinks!

Chloe said...

Thank you for visiting me too! I love visitors. Feel free to come around more ;)

Chloe said...

It was nice to meet you too. Feel free to stop by whenever. I love people over here!