Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Funday?

Can a Monday be a good/fun day? I like to think that this one will. I actually got dressed instead of wearing sweats or jammies all day! lol.

I've already gone out and ran all my errands for the day. And I've also made some business calls. And I'm off work!!! Yay! =). Summer school started today so I need to get started on my class but that's not a big problem.I'm really hoping to have a good Monday.

I've made some decisions about work. I have a meeting with an important boss man today. I'm not gonna talk very much about it right now but after I have the meeting I'll blog about it, I'm sure. I'm super nervous. I know what I want to say, just hope I'm not to chicken shit to actually say it when it's time.

Last night boyfriend and I went out with some friends to visit our friend's grave. It looked beautiful. It had been the first time I was there since her funeral so I hadn't seen her headstone yet. So many people loved this girl. It was so pretty with all the flowers people have brought to her. We told awesome stories about her. We also got some really cool balloons that illuminated and wrote messages to her and let them go. It was nice. Honestly, it made me feel a lot better. I think about her everyday though. And I know I always will. She was so sweet and genuine. I don't think that I will ever have another friend like her. She was one of those people that only comes around once in a lifetime and it's a wonderful feeling.

This was the sky on our way to visit her. Made me smile to think she probably helped create something so beautiful.

A zoomed in view....Remember, I was riding in a car lol.

Her and her daddy =).

Well...I just realized it was almost 1 and that means it's nap time for my little person. Lol. Hope y'all have a fabulous Monday....

And All That Good Stuff


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