Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Stuff and Things

Ready for the most random blog post ever?  I really wanted to post but didn't have one thing to post about. I have quite a few!

1.) I want to say thank you to all my loyal readers! I had 10 followers for quite awhile and I loved that I had that many. It made me smile soooo much knowing that you wonderful ladies took time out of your day to read what I had to say. It also made me happy that somebody wanted to read my damn blog. Honestly, I don't know what it's even about yet so thanks for hanging on and enjoying the ride. In the last 2 days though, I have gained 4 new followers! That also makes me really happy. So again, THANK YOU to all my awesome followers out there. You make me want to post everyday :) Oh, yeah....and one of my readers isn't a lady. Sorry dad. lol.

2.) My car is kind of a hoopty. I'm not even gonna lie. It's a red Chevy Cobalt that I love to death for some reason. It wasn't taken care of by any means by the person who had it before me. That makes my heart hurt for it. All cars should be cared for because we rely on them soooo much. Anyway.....I bought this car not knowing about all the problems the poor baby had. Sometimes, I want to beat up the guy who sold it to me. It is a beautiful car but it has so many little problems that it's a pos. Today I took it to have one of the many things wrong with it fixed. And it took FOREVER. I have no patience what-so-ever. None. I hate being stranded without a car. And I don't like to ask people for help. You can imagine what a nuisance it is for my car to go to the shop. Well I finally got the call that it was done after I moped around my house because it took two hours longer than I wanted it to. And you know what?!? The idiot who had worked on it before this person had forgot to put a really important piece back on. Seriously? A mechanic is like a Dr in my eyes. And a Dr. sure as hell doesn't leave an important part out. He makes sure to go back and look at what he's done to make sure it's all there. Well, not this Dr. I knew better than to take my car back to him anyway because he had done other things to fuck it up last time he worked on it. I just think that he was trying to scam me! And that pisses me off to no end. Just because I have a vagina between my legs doesn't mean that I can't defend myself. So Mr. Car Dr. better be watching out. Hahahaha. Just kidding (kinda). All I want is to get this beautiful car fixed so that we can enjoy each other for the next couple of years.
Sorry for the rant...like I said....I love my car and believe that we should love them. And I honestly believe that my car is a transformer just so you know. ;)

this is honestly about me

3.) If you know anything about Pinterest, you know that a lot of outfits pinned are from Polyvore. I don't get polyvore. Do you? Can somebody please explain to me how to get creative in putting together pictures of outfits that are too expensive for me to ever think about owning? lol. Seriously.

I think that's all for today. At least for now. I really am going to do like a serious blog post soon. I think...maybe.

And All That Good Stuff


Aubrey S. said...

I hate mechanics who think that female means the weaker sex. I'm a smart girl, and if something doesn't sound right, I will call you out on it. Luckily, the guy who takes care of my baby now is a good one, but grr on dumb men. They have to dumb to think that by virtue of our sex we don't have a clue about a car.

Chloe said...

Girl I'm so with you! I can't stand that ish. I'm happy that you found somebody who won't fuck you over. I think I finally did too. Took me 4 mechanics though!