Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Team iPhone

Ok, so I know I've told you before that I'm totally team iPhone. And I have been for three years. I love the damn thing. Even when Siri is being a total b. It just suits me and it's so simple.  One thing that bugs me the most is that I think it's kind of childish looking. Apps look like they are made for kids sometimes. Other than that...I love the damn thing.

So I figured I would join Many Little Blessings  for Top Ten Tuesday! I'm gonna tell you the 10 apps I couldn't live without right now!

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

- Newsify

Source: trecool.es via Alec on Pinterest

this is the app that I use to access my google reader. I love it! And it's free. I like it so much that
I would gladly have bought it. But they're so awesome they let us have it for nothing.


Source: google.ca via Chad on Pinterest

you can find me here. I would be lying if i said I wasn't addicted. for sure!

- Facebook

I'm naturally a nosy  curious person. And this app is just the sugar on top!

- Scramble With Friends

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I just got hooked on this game. I don't even really care
that I'm playing another person. I just wanna see how many words
I can get. lol.

- Instagram

It's just so damn fun. lol. It's like fb but fun cool pictures. Definitely better pics
than most on facebook.

- Us Bank

Source: usbank.com via Reno on Pinterest

What can I say? I like to know what exactly is going on with my money.
I don't have a job right now and I have to make sure
I stay on my budget.


I have to keep up on all my comments! Hahaha. Kidding. Seriously.
Haven't been very many these days....
I know I shouldn't whine...but stop by and say hey.
 I find some of my favorite blogs that way!
And I like to see what people have to say to my comments too. =)


Reading about how somebody else's life actually sucks more than mine
makes me feel a million times better
on those bad day.

-Some E-cards

Source: piccsy.com via Amanda on Pinterest

A girl's gotta laugh. And I can all day with this!


I've been religiously checking for jobs everyday multiple times a day.
And the missed connections crack me up!
Play on playa'.

Maybe this gave you some insight into my crazy mind. lol. I doubt it though.
But for now, these are my obsessions.
What apps do you obbess over right now?

ps. Did you notice any of my changes? I know they aren't huge, but it's a start!


Ali said...

Love your new header :) OMG I LOVE the missed connections on Craig's List! I thought I was the only one that read them haha

Chloe said...

Thanks doll!
I wonder if anybody has actually gotten together because of the missed connections? lol.