Sunday, June 17, 2012

Daddy's Day

Everybody knows what today is. I don't need to remind anybody. At least I think. lol.

Anyway...I was sitting on the computer (cuz boyfriend thinks he needs a damn nap) and I was catching up on blogs, checking Pinterest every two-and-a-half-seconds, thinking about how I really suck at the whole college thing because I only have two hours left to take a quiz, and watching tv when I got this nagging feeling about needing to post something on here.

So...what do I write about? Well...I really don't know. I think I've finally hit writer's block. Blahhhh. And I decided that I would write about this wonderful celebration of men!

Today we (Mini-me and I) went down to my daddy's to celebrate him and all his wonderfulness! Of course, sisters were there too! Oh, and my little baby niece too. =). She's too damn cute.
step mom and dad
Little niece

Myself and sisters

hahahaha...that one is mine!
**side note** I don't have one single normal picture of this child.
She's a ham and poses and does shit like this.
But she's mine and I wouldn't have her any other way.

And that's who I spent a good Daddy's Day with. And yeah, our family isn't really the picture taking type. It just isn't a family trait. Don't judge. There is one whole picture with all of us in it...but it isn't realistic to who we are today. lol. Gotta show that honesty kids. It matters ;).

My dad is a wonderful dad. And I think that each of us see him in a complete different manner. To each girl he is different. I think that's a wonderful attribute to a person. That they can be themselves but be different to each and every person. He's charming, witty (omg I wish I could have gotten his wit.), and extremely intelligent. He's a dedicated, hard-working man. He loves a good book, to garden, and his dumb little big dog Lucy. lol. And he loves all of us girls to the end of the world and back. He has gone over the moon for me. I've gotten him in some deep shit and he laughed about it then and he laughs about it now. Times are always great around him. Oh and he LOOOVVVEEES the Dallas Cowboys....a man after my own heart! Kidding...I got the love of them from him back when Tony Homo Romo didn't play and Troy Aikmen was the stud of America! hahahaha. Who doesn't love a man that teaches them about the best NFL team in forever? I could keep going....but I really need to take this second quiz. I've got an hour and 3 minutes.

Basically what I'm saying is that my dad rocks. I wouldn't have him any other way.

I love you Dad....and All That Good Stuff.

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