Thursday, June 14, 2012

That One Time I Got Arrested

Yes, you read that right.

Ughhhh I got arrested. For the stupidest thing ever! I forgot to pay a $35 fine. I know cops have to do their jobs and blah blah blah...but damn.

Mr. Police Officer even knew me and still had to do it. But...he didn't prosecute me or book me. He said he felt it was stupid over that amount of money. Thank fucking goodness.

Oh and the fine.... it was for the damn hoopty that I always talk about. Anddd I don't know Mr. Officer because I get in trouble a's because we're friends.

And if I was working (delivering pizzas) he wasn't gonna arrest me. And I quit my job! Love it.

Ohhh well. Life isn't complete until you get arrested right? No? Oh, well, whatever! lol.

Have a good night, and all that good stuff.

ps....I needed a beer after that and now I'm gonna drink it.

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