Friday, June 22, 2012


Hey y'all...remember that Book Swap that I joined a little bit ago? It was hosted by Miss Angie over at My So Called Chaos and Beth at Living A Goddess Life. I think that they had the best idea ever! I love books so I was excited.

And kids, after what seemed like an eternity - it was only 3 days- my books came!!!

My partner was Miss Angie from My So Called Chaos.
And she did wonderful! Here's a pic of my haul.

1. Ophelia
2. Water for Elephants
3. The Four Agreements

A Book She Loves

Miss Angie loves this book and I bet that it's good. Just reading what it was about was exciting!

A Book I Want!

I was so excited that she sent this. I was really hoping for this one. This girl can read my mind. I'm
half-way through it too. lol. =)

A Book She Hadn't Read

I'm actually pretty sure this was on some wishlist too. =)

All in all....she did wonderful! I'm so happy with what I received and I can't wait to
do this again. Hopefully that happens!

And finally...I got a pretty sweet partner. It's like she could read my mind.
And I'm glad to have a new blogger friend too.

p.s. I know we were supposed to put the code on here for the book swap and I tried.
However, everytime I tried it was a button for Miss Angie's page. So...Idk..Sorry!!


Miss Angie said...

I'm so glad you like them, and glad you participated! Thank you!

Beth said...

No worries about the button, we had a little mixup is all. ;)

Congrats on a great set of books (that you got, and that you two have excellent similar taste in books!), and thanks for participating in our swap!

Miss Melanie Grace said...

Oh these are such great books! Hope you enjoy!

Kara said...

You got some great books. I currently have a summer book swap going on if you would like to sign up