Friday, July 27, 2012

Being 20....

I've been in my 20's for two years. And I love it and hate it. This has really been on my mind lately.

There's so many things that are pretty awesome but sooo many things that suck.
I didn't realize how confusing this time is.

So what's awesome about it? I can think of a few things.

- You are excused for doing stupid shit because you're "In your 20's". It's the ultimate mess up time and people don't care as much as when you're a minor or passed the age 30.
- Becoming your own person is fun. You really get to know you.
- Nobody is there telling you what you can and can't like or do.
-Basically, you're free. You're an adult now.
- Last, but CERTAINLY NOT least, you get to drink!

But this post isn't really about the great things. It's more about how confusion sets in.

Being 20 something is the hardest part of life so far for me. Figuring it all out isn't as easy as I expected. I hate not having all the answers. I hate the uncertainty that comes with the label of

It seems 20 is full of ups and downs. I don't know if this post makes sense to anybody but me.

I get 2 steps forward and I'm pushed a step back. I know I'll get it all figured out eventually, but sometimes I want to figure it out now. And then I honestly think about it and I don't want to figure it all out. I want to enjoy these crazy, unknowing years! After all, aren't they what makes us "us"?

Some stuff I found about being a 20-something
All Groan Up
Feel like you're losing it? Check this out
More about the crisis
Responsibility vs Limiting Yourself
How to be 20 ...This is kinda funny
And the main reason being 20-something is hard...N.Y. Times Article
This is by one of my favorite bloggers...I didn't ask to use it so if she sees it...Hope it's ok!
Adulthood...Never Stops Article ...Realizing what being an adult is all about really.
I'm tired...and I couldn't find a lot. But I wanna know your opinions and what you read about being 20-something or acknowldgeing your 20-age.


Cami said...

Chloe this is an amazing POST...ALL OF IT IS SO TRUE!!! Enjoy your 20s...I'm half way through and they go by way too fast :(

Unknown said...

I hate and Love being in my 20s all at the same time!
I nominated you for a bloggy award!