Monday, July 16, 2012

Family, Beer, and Food

I have a busy day today, so I've already written this post! Ha. I feel accomplished. I have TWO job interviews today. OMG. I was feeling so down because I coudn't get a job and now I have one and two interviews. Eeekkkk.

I hate making decisions y'all. Like, omg they stress me the fuck out. So this more than one job thing is awesome but not so awesome! Just wanted to share that with ya.

This weekend was pretty awesome! Friday night I got to work for an hour. lol. It was onlly an hour but it was great to be working again. My aunt is in town so after work I went to my gma's to chill with them and my little person. Teag decided to stay there because auntie is in town! I went and hung out with boyfriend after that and passed out! Pretty simple.

Saturday was amazing though! A couple weeks ago Blake bought us tickets to a minor league baseball game. We went and saw the Springfield Cardinals. They're basically like the little brothers to the St. Louis Cardinals. Neither of us had been to a live baseball game before so I was super stoked! I hung out with the family again Saturday afternoon until it was time to get ready. This time my sister and niece were there too! It was a great afternoon. I'm just gonna skip to Springfield. Blake and I get to Springfield and we go to Hooters =). I love hooters. I know that maybe pathetic but I'm a boob person. I know I'm a girl but shit boobs are fun to look at. lol. We got an awesome tatortot appetizer! Our wings weren't so great though =(. I was super sad about that. I got a beer...and not just any beer. Like a beer the size of me. Ooopps. I drank most of it. Most...not all. lol. Blake had the rest. He had his beer and the littlest jager bomb either of us had ever seen. The sad thing was that it was a double. We were robbed, robbed I tell you! dessert was delicious. I had chocolate mousse cake....omg it was heaven. And my ass loved every bit of it.
My huge beer! I drank more than that though!

Then it was time to head to the game. I don't like to drive in big cities. So I navigated. And got yelled at. Men....they freak out too bad about directions. I was all "Calm your shit, we'll get there when we get there"...ok only in my head. But damn I was thinking it. Finally got to the stadium....and that's when I remembered parking for this kind of stuff. Boyfriend made us walk a billion miles! Hahaha just kidding. But it was far. And he walked super fast. We finally got there...and got more beers - for a ridiculous amount of money -  was super neat and fun. Our team even won! We walked around the stadium and looked at all the stuff they had going on. There was a team store, concessions, a freaking ice cream bar!, a bar!, a playground, and a bounce house!. So awesome. It was supposed to be "family friendly", I don't know why Blake and I went. We aren't really "family friendly". lol. Sad but true! But we didn't get kicked out or in any trouble! On the way home we had an awesome serious talk. It makes my heart smile. We even talked about moving to Springfield. If it happens it will most likely be like years away. lol. Just dreaming and talking =).

If the two heads weren't in the way I would consider this a great picture.

That's where we were.
We sat right behind home plate so there was a net...sorry.

Just me. Yes, I take lots of car pics.

After the game we were on our way home when we saw that the light was on at Krispy Kreme. I got super excited because I've never had any of their donuts before and I thought because the light was on you get a free donut off the line. Well, apparently they changed that and it's only before 11 am. But I still got a donut and it was really good.

And on Sunday there is nothing to talk about. Maybe some other time though. Boyfriend, Teagan, and I all hung out Sunday evening. The end!


Tiffanie A said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I;m super jealous of you seeing the baseball games. I have always wanted to see the cardinals play.

Shaylynn... I blahwg It's True. said...

"Shit, boobs are fun to look at?"

Oh man, so funny. Boobs are gross. I could never play for the other team, while we're on the subject of baseball.