Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Get to Know Me part II

I'm lazy and didn't want to upload pics and all that good stuff (hahaha) so I figured I'm going to do the second part of get to know me! I really need to do this the same time every week. Oh well.....

Getting To Know You
oh yeah, I'm linking up with Cat from Stuff I Love!

1. Aside from blogging, what hobbies take up most of your time.
Honestly, blogging is really my only hobby. I hang out with
the coolest 4 year old I know. Oh and I love to read and watch bad tv.

2. What do you consider to be your most unusual hobby?
Ummm....idk. Like I said, not a lot of hobbies. Family and friends...you might
have some ideas. Let me know, so I can let all these fine people know!

3. Do you have any hobbies that people might not expect you to?
Ummm....I collect stilletos. If you see me on a daily basis you wouldn't
expect it. I don't wear them often but I LOVE them.

4. What do you consider to be your greatest hidden talent?
Well, it's not hidden anymore. Writing was at one time though. I hid
it from everybody because I didn't want people to read it and laugh at it. Not
in a haha way but in a mean way.

5. Are there any hobbies that your family takes part in together?
Gawwwdddd, this hobby thing is killer. I'm really boring guys. For real though. lol.
So no, I don't think so.

6. Has a simple hobby ever led you to a great adventure?
I'm writing this here blog so yeah, it has. And I absolutely love it!

7. What is your newest hobby?
Definitely blogging.

8. What's your oldest hobby?
Reading. I love books. Ever since I could kinda sorta read I have been.

9. Is there a hobby you wish you had time or talent for, but it just hasn't happened?
I wish that I was a better photographer. I don't want to make a profession out of it though.
I just want to enjoy my pictures more than I already do. And dance...I used to dance and I loved/still love it. Hopefully someday both of these happen =)

Well, sorry for being such a let down this week guys. I'm not much of a hobby person. The last question could have gone on for forever though. Hopefully I'm better next week.



Rural Rach said...

Great idea on shedding some light to your readers about yourself! Cute, cute idea!

-Rachel { A Dash of Southern }

Shaylynn... I blahwg It's True. said...

I hate being asked what my hobbies are, I usually just say.. "eating?"

Blogging is a great hobby, I fully support that.

And you hopefully support mass comments from strangers.

Chloe said...

Hey, I love mass comments from strangers. They have the best candy and the funniest blogs. I think we might actually be best friends. Hahahaha.

Chloe said...

Thanks! You should link up. It's fun....ok maybe not fun...but it's a good thing for getting to know people. Meeting other people is the fun part of link ups!!