Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Little Post.

I need to link up with Miss Angie and do my monthly goals. Butttt....I don't think I did very well on them so I'll save it for tomorrow.

Today is for

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Yes ladies and gentleman (love ya daddy, ya might not wanna keep reading).....Magic Mike!

I Loved It.


Not even kidding. Yeah, the plot and the ending were kind of stupid...but it was still awesome. See, I'm not a modest person and I love the word fuck. And this movie had no modesty and the eff word A LOT. Oh....and hot man ass! Who doesn't like hot man ass.

This is all just my opinion of course! I've heard people say why they weren't going to go see it and I didn't judge them, so if you don't like that I've seen it don't judge me. It actually made me happy to hear that not every lady out there thought it would be good or had the urge to see it.

But seriously, if you think you want to see this movie....just go out and see it! You won't regret it. Unless you're my wife. Yeah, she's not really my wife but she's just like one to me. We're super close. I'll tell you about her another day. But she didn't like it. I'm not gonna disclose why though. Y'all don't even know her. lol.


Ali said...

...and hot man ass!!!! Ahhhh I love it!!

Chloe said...


Tiffanie A said...

I love me some Channing! I get to FINALLY see this movie on Friday!