Wednesday, July 11, 2012

If You Knew Me

Ok, so this post isn't an original idea. Are any posts original really? lol. I got this idea from the wonderful Ashley over at Adventures of Newlyweds. I thought it was a great way to get to know me. And not just my get to know me posts but deeper like a friend or family member would. Since I consider y'all to be one I thought this was great!

  • I hate when people are mad/disappointed in me. It breaks my heart. If I feel that I let somebody down or I hurt them in some way, I will run off like a puppy with my tail between my legs and boohoo about it until the sun doesn't shine anymore. Not even kidding.

  • I'm an only child but not an only child. I have 2 younger sisters but I didn't live with them growing up. It was just me and my momma. So I'm a weird older/only person. And I hate to share. lol.

  • I love when people praise/say nice things/ or give me compliments. Even if it's just I love you. It makes my heart melt and my smile so big you can see it from outerspace. Guess that could kind of be because I hate making people mad.

  • I'm really sensitive. Most people don't know that because I put up a good front. I feel like people are really mean to me sometimes. I cry easily too. Like everything. Ask me about it if you want to know more =).

I'm an aquarius...this is totally me.

  • In the summer I only have my daughter every other week. It's bittersweet. Post about it at some other time though.

  • I cuss....A LOT. You might judge me and that's ok. If you don't like it, I'm sorry. I watch my mouth when I need to and make sure it's appropriate.

  • I'm obsessed with weddings. I love them. They're beautiful. And this is also a secret...I'm a hopeless romantic. Shhh.don't tell.

  • I'm really a natural redhead. I dye my hair a different shade of red and nobody believes me. When I was little it was the color of a penny...therefore kind of red.
Source: via Chloe on Pinterest

  • I'm really a brat when I get super hungry. I don't mean to be but it's true. People tend to stay away or just ignore me.

  • I'm terrible at being a domestic goddess. I want to be so bad but it just isn't my thing. I'm a decent cook and I  can clean...I just don't like to do either.

  • I often find myself wishing my dog could talk. Not even kidding. I bet she has so much she wants to tell me but can't. So I pretend. And she has lots of nicknames.
My best frann/ fur baby

  • I've never been able to pick one thing to be when I grow up. Some examples: A DC Cheerleader (dallas cowboys), a lion tamer, a dolphin trainer, a journalist, chef, food critic, a restaurant manager, a paralegal,an event or wedding (or both) planner,  and *hangs head in shame* a  "dancer" (I was young and not modest. I'm not now either, but don't want to do that.)
That's all for now kids. Just a quick post. I have a housekeeping post that I need to do. It's in the works!


Tiffanie A said...

A Liontamer.... LOL
HAHAHAHA! Thats a good one! I love it!

I cuss too by the judgement from me! LOL

Shaylynn... I blahwg It's True. said...

I hate when people are mad/disappointed in me. ------- ding ding ding.

Sensitive? I cry all the time, but I'm a total beast as a front at times. It's adorable.

And cuss? Me. All the damn time. It's cute.