Monday, July 9, 2012

That Wife Girl

I've told y'all that I have a wife. She's mine. And in case you haven't read the post that I mention her in well here ya go....

She has a name but I'm not disclosing it.
We're not really lesbians but I'm sure people think so. Whateva!
We're complete oppisites. Maybe that's why we go so well together.
She's hotter than me!
I will never call her by her name. She will always be wife on here.
She's under wife in my phone.
Hahaha. That's her =) Hopefully she won't mind this pic.

Anyway....So.... this girl has my heart. I adore her and she knows it. We've been through a lot together. And I mean A LOT. It's not really my biz to be posting about it on the inter webs so I can't tell you about some of it. But one thing that I love is that we have some angels that watch us. One of those angels belongs to her. But I still think that she's mine too. And another one of the angels is a great friend we had the pleasure of knowing.

Us with our angel. Excuse us...we're a little wasted.  And I promise I'm not mad!

But this girl has my heart for life. We do/say stupid shit when we're together. Seriously. lol. She even said that to me the other day after I said somethig stupid after what she said. lol.

We met through Boyfriend. They were friends and partied together. She lived in the house that he and I partied at. Well, I don't know if we met through him but our love for each other grew because of him. He's her husband. Of course we decided that together. And I'm ok with it.

So why do I love this girl...well here are some reasons
She brought out the girl in me.
She tauht me the art of the bathroom picture.
She's honest and real to me about everything.
and yada yada yada.....

A friendship like ours is special. And I hope that you can find one too! Here are some more pictures for ya!

I have no idea


Laundry day.

Till Death Do Us Part


And that's all for now suckas. You'll hear about her more often. I can guarantee it. Well, there's one last one.

That's love!


Ashton Belle said...

What a sweet post, love it!

Ashton from:

Shaylynn... I blahwg It's True. said...

I love my opposite. I'm glad you have yours.

Tiffanie A said...

I love my bestie! She is taking my our on a date this Friday to see my man Channing in Magic Mike!

I know I know.... but better late then never ;)