Friday, July 13, 2012

Secret Sister Swap

I've been a bum. Not gonna lie about it. =). lol.

I joined a swap this summer that I was super excited about. However, I haven't posted about it and feel terrible. I'm behind in so many ways on here. It fucking sucks.

I'm doing this now because my wonderful swap sister Crystal was worried I didn't get her package. And I so did so I need to be thankful and write the damn post. Jeez my brain is not in thinking mode today.

And now....the moment you've all been waiting for *cue some music from Space Jam*

I'm actually pretty pissed. I'm going to have to find pictures off the internet because the stupid fucking internet boyfriend has won't let me upload a thing. UGhhhhhhhh.

Aquafina Lipbalm

This is my favorite thing she sent! lol. I love lip glosses/balms/chapsticks. It doesn't matter!

Cosmo there a woman who doesn't or hasn't read this at least once?
If you're against to be you.

Her fav candy...peach os.

gummy candy flavored like a peach...yummm!

This is the lotion that her family swears by.

Makes me feel pretty soft and smell yummy =)

A pretty pink l.a. colors nail polish

I couldn't find the exact color because I don't have it with me but it looked like this!

The Unquiet

Her third favorite book. It sounds interesting.

She also sent a cutle little purple friendship bracelet. And it all came in an uber cute container.
I would totally show you but my damn pictures won't load! I think that I did pretty
good. Thanks again Crystal!

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Unknown said...

I did a Christmas in July swap... I cant wait to get my package in!
It sounds like you had a pretty awesome secret sister!