Monday, August 20, 2012

Birthday Shenanigans

What a weekend kids, what a weekend! I actually want to do a weekend update because I actually did something this weekend. What a shocker right. It is to me. And I really enjoyed it.

Sunday was my momma's birthday and somehow she managed to get a weekend celebration. Lucky lady.

Friday night we went to dinner with my gma (her mom) at a place that I used to like. It changed a lot since I had been there last and now it sucks. It's a Mongolian grill place and it used to be the Yep, I said that. However, now they added a buffet and took some of their grill items out. Disappointment at it's finest kids. After that we went to Freddy's Frozen Yogurt. I love over priced fro-yo. It's delicious! And I'm a child and had a child's size chocolate frozen yogurt with hot fudge in a cup. And I didn't eat it all. I was proud of myself! Hot fudge in a cup probably wouldn't be so expensive and would possibly taste a bunch better. Just sayin'. Unfortunately I suck at blogging and took absolutely no pictures of this.

After that you know what happened...the fun started! I took my momma to our local "dive" bar. I don't really know if it's a dive bar or just a bar bar. But it has beer so I smile. We got there and to my surprise there were actually people there! That doesn't happen often. And I knew these people. My uncle (dad's side) and my frrannn. I didn't ask her if I could blog about her so I'm not going to. But fun was had and I got my buzz going. Woot. We hung out for a couple of hours before she took me to a party! I felt bad about leaving her though. For real.

I went to a house party with my wife and Boyfriend. It was at one of Wife's and Boyfriend's friends' house. They're a married couple. After this, the night got a little blurry. See I bought a 20 pack bottles for us and we drank. And I did two shots of whipped cream vodka. Yummm. I hate vodka and whipped cream. Weird right. I did however get pictures of this night!

giving me the stink eye

do i look drunk?

Wow...look at his beard.
I know there were other people but again, not a lot of my friends know about this here blog so I won't post a lot of them. It just feels like an invasion of their privacy. Ya digg?

So I got an hour and a half of sleep after all the shenanigans and went home while Boyfriend went to work and Wife got to go back to sleep. It was still my momma's birthday weekend so we went to eat. I told you, I love food. After the stupid tornado took out half of Joplin our IHOP was gone. And it just came back...One WHOLE year and 3 months later! WTF took so long right? Yeah, I know. So we went to ihop. And they made the dining room soooo much smaller than the old one. I bet they will regret this. But my food was delicious! I'm so glad IHOP is back. After lunch we went to get our pretty on at Ulta. My god, I love that place. If you don't have one near you I'm so sorry! I will pray to the beauty gods that you get one soon. We needed our eyebrows done like no other! And my oh my this girl was sooo good at them. And at Ulta if it's your birthday you get a free eyebrow wax. BOOM! yep. So momma's was free. Yay for her! Then it was time for work. On very little sleep. Ugh. I told mom after work that we would go out. I lied. After work I slept. Like a log. It was great.

Sunday I got up and went home to spend time with my momma on her ACTUAL birthday. We went to eat with my gma again. This time at a little hole in the wall restaurant called Carthage Family Restaurant. Original huh. I'm not a big fan. But alllllll the older people of Carthage love it. I'm talking 50 to 100 year old crowd. The young kids dig IHOP. We already discussed that. lol. After brunch it was time for Walmart. Where I got some insoles for my work shoes. (they have helped a lot). Then my mother dragged me to Goodies. I'm not a big fan of this store because I never find anything for me but she loves it. However, this time she didn't find much either. Then it was time for work. And it was a bad night. I didn't want to be there. I wanted to be with my momma celebrating her. But my bills don't give a shit.

And that was my weekend! I know that I should have said it in a lot less words but I couldn't. So if you read to here congrats. Thanks =)

Poor boyfriend had his tooth pulled today and two root canals done. So...I'm gonnna go and see if he needs anything. He's smelled like dentist all day...ugh. I LOATHE the dentist. Just the smell gives me the creeps. blah.

One last thing, I started school today too. I decided too late in the summer that I wanted to be better at posting. So again, if I'm not here a lot sorry! I will answer all emails though. Once I get in the hang of a new job, new classes, and spending adequate time with my family, friends and self the posts will be less sporadic. Promise.



Unknown said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend :)
I also celebrated my moms birthday on Sunday. Her actual birthday isn't until this coming Saturday but we went out to eat this past Sunday.

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

"I don't really know if it's a dive bar or just a bar bar." just so you know I laughed maybe I'm really tired, but I thought it was just funny.