Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Check Out My Pins


But seriously, two more days kids. Then we can all party it up and get white-girl wasted and all the fabulousness that comes along with the weekend. Woot woot!

I didn't have a post yesterday...pretty bummer I know. I thought about writing something for you guys but I was so busy doing absolutely nothing that I didn't even pick up the wonderfulness that is my laptop. Yeppers. NOTHING. I watched wedding shows with my momma all day long. Then I went to work. Pretty easy day. And now I feel refreshed and wanna share my life with you guys. Hahaha. But I do really feel refreshed.

I bought some Christmas presents on Monday! Yeah me. They were all for my daughter but regardless...I'm done with her. She got a Nintendo DS, some games for it, a Hello Kitty remote control car, and other fabulous stuff. Stephanie this paragraph is for you. =) Because I didn't hear from you

I haven't hooked you up with any of my wonderful pins lately. So that's what's on the agenda today. My Pinterest is getting a makeover. I'm deleting, adding new boards, the whole nine yards. Sometimes I get overwhelmed over there. lol. Here we go!

this goes out to my poor family. When I'm hungry I urge you to stay the hell away or bring me food.
And I don't mean just a little bit this only applies when I haven't fed my ass all day
and it's dinner time and nobody will pick what we're going to have
and my stomach feels like it's tightening around the rest of my intestines hungry.

If anybody knows the true source of these pants let me know. I want them.
I've yet to hop on the yoga pants train but I need to.

Isn't this just the prettiest. I want it.
I'm going to do this. I think it's pretty neat!
Yes...I think I'm funny. If you don't, you probably just don't get it.
Source: via Chloe on Pinterest
This is for boyfriend. See he has this monsterous beard that he refuses to trim or even
shave. And our anniversary, his birthday, and Christmas are all
right around the corner.
I have no life and thought this was hilarious.

Source: via Chloe on Pinterest

I should probably be doing my homework or something. I guess I'll go now.



The Heights Life! said...

That puppy chow looks yummy!!

Leslie Gilmore said...

Love the first pin! And those yoga pants look so comfy!

New follower from the link up!