Monday, October 1, 2012

I Waste my Money at Target

I had one of the most relaxin weekends in what feels like all of eternity. And it was great. I hope your weekend rocked as much as mine. I have lots of pictures to share! Maybe picture overload. Just maybe.
I was gonna write all about it in nice paragraph form but that ish way wayyyyy to long. So I figured bulletins would be the best way to go!
Here we go
Friday I worked. No bulletin for that because who really cares? It was a good night though. Probably because I knew I was off on Saturday.
Saturday was relax day. Seriously. It was wonderful because I didn't do anything I didn't want to do.
I did some homework that was actually a pain in the ass.
I finished 50 Shades Darker. It wasn't as good as 50 Shades of Grey at the beginning, but the further along I got, the better it got. And Christian Grey...I just want to talk about this man for a minute. He is so sweet and loving. Ugh. I have a love/hate relationship with him because of it. Like, guys don't act like that. It's the ultimate man manual. They want to know what a woman ya go dude. Like fo' cereal.
I know I told you guys about the wedding but we didn't get to go. =(. See, it was boyfriend's boss's wedding and he scheduled it during work hours. Even though boyfriend got the okay to leave early he couldn't. His co-manager's baby was running a really high temperature so he had to leave which is ok and boyfriend stayed.
But he made up for it ;). haha. He took me to one of our favorite restaurants, Mucho Mexico. It was good and when we left he treated me to a good Saturday night.

Yep, some bubly and m&m's!
The HUGE bottle of Dew is his. Yeah...
And I was drinking some of my wonderful wine...I see this
There's something floating in it! It's hard to tell where I of the glass
almost. It disgusted me. But what was I to do? Throw our perfectly good wine...
drink it anyway...well I fished that bish out with my fingers! Yep. Stuck
my hand in my glass just for a floaty speck. I chased it all around the glass.
That was Saturday. I passed out early...thanks a lot wine. Way to help a girl out.
Since I passed out like a puss Saturday, I woke up at the ass crack of dawn on Sunday.
Ok, it was like 8, but too damn early for a Sunday.
And I did what any girl would do...
I layed there and convinced myself I needed Starbucks and Target.
Here's my haul!
elf lip color it's a nude.
I've been looking for one and unfortunately this one didn't cut it either. =(
elf lip balm in strawberry creme.
I love it! I was acutally looking for say yes to carrots lip balm but they don't
carry the lip balm. Just everything else by that brand.
This is so far so good though.
I love hats! It's a cure for the bad hair day or I don't want to do my hair day.
And I don't have to have a pony tail.
This was just too cute to pass up!
I have a small head, it's in the girl's section.
And one more thing to get me organized...
I have yet to use it.
It's an expense tracker.
That I bought when I was spending...
Ironic much.
But seriously the Mead Organizeher stuff is brilliant! Can't wait to check it out online.
I'm off today and plan to use this just so you know.
And I did something kinda bad...
don't you go tell boyfriend...
and dad just save it. lol. I already know what you're gonna say..
I got a Target card. EEEKKKK! But I already paid it off.
And the limit is absolutley ridiculous.
I'm not even gonna tell you because I can't believe it myself.
And then there's Starbucks. See, I don't enjoy coffee. It's gross.
I'm a Redbull girl through and through.
But sometimes I want to be cool and have starbucks.
So after shopping I went and had a caramel apple spice drink.
OMG. It was heavenly. I was more in the mood for an apple cider drink
but this was the closest I could come. It was so sweet it made my stomach hurt.
It was just so good though.
Oh yeah, and I got this...
Since I finished the second one on Saturday I needed this when I woke up Sunday.
It's what I went to Target for.
Except they didn't have it so I bought all the other stuff instead.
That damn Target.
I read like 3 pages while I was at Starbucks...that's it. lol.
Had to have it and haven't even really started it. Sounds like me.
Ok, so maybe it wasn't picture overload but it was alot for me. Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend.
And here's to basically the best month ever...

I'm just so excited! Maple Leaf, Halloween, leafs turning colors, cooler weather,
my favorite!
And one more thing...those buttons over there...yeah I started doing a couple swaps.
I don't feel that I'm big enough or whatever to sell my button but I will trade.
I only want to do 3 or 4 right now.
And those girls rock! I love both their blogs.
Check it out =)

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Jordan said...

Target makes me really, really happy. I like to think it's more frivolous than wasteful :)

Stephanie said...

Hey that's me! Thanks girl :) Love your target haul, I'm jealous. What does the inside of the expense tracker look like?