Friday, November 16, 2012

Letters for Friday

It's been awhile since we've done Friday's Letters soooo why not?

Dear Boyfriend, I don't like the x-box. I love you though so I put up with it. Please find a new toy. lol. Sunday better not be spent attached to that thing. I'll karate chop you. 

Dear Paychecks, Why can't you multiply before you hit my account. I'd like you more than I already do. Pretty pretty please??

Dear Teagan, missed three days of school last week, didn't have school on Monday, missed school today, and you don't have school next week. Jeeeez! It's a good thing it's only preschool.  Oh and I will miss you while you're gone next week. =( Have fun seeing auntie though!

Dear Work, Let's just get through tonight and the double tomorrow. PLEASE take it easy on me. But make it go by fast. I'm off Sunday and I'm ready to relax.

Dear Sunday, I say relax but that isn't going to happen. I've got a lot of homework to catch up on. So please go by rather slowly k! 

Dear Thanksgiving, Ahh you're less than a week away. Come on and get here because I need an excuses to do nothing. Not even blog. Can't wait for you! I get to see my family and munch out! What's better than that? Oh and then you're followed by a day of cheap cheap shopping. Hells yes. 

Dear School, I'm so over you. So over you. Blah. 

Dear Weekend, I wish I could be more excited about you. True story. 

Dear Blog Friends, I love your faces! You guys rock and I love hearing from you. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of excitingness that doesn't include working! Kisses!

I couldn't find the friday's letters button. but this takes you there! 
I think this is appropriate today. But just remember I do love him and this is a joke!


Brittany Walsh said...

Stopping by from the link up! Your letters made me smile :)

Stop by and say hi :)

Dawn said...

omg you are funny. Love your letters. The last part is great about the video games. dawn suitcase vignettex

Jordan said...

Oh the xbox. I know exactly where you are coming from! Can't wait for Thanksgiving!!