Monday, November 26, 2012

Look At This!

Good Morning Cupcakes! Hope y'all can quickly adjust to going back to the daily grind! And I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend! I missed this spot and thought about you all alot but so much was going on that I just couldn't bear to open my laptop. We have a lot of catching up to do. This post will probably be all over the place.

My Thanksgiving was really good. It was spent with my dad's side of the family and for once we all managed to get a long. See, that's a miracle. We're all outspoken and a little crazy so yeah, good deal for us. I drank some wine (maybe more than I should have) and it was delish! The food was really good. I don't like turkey and this turkey was the most moist flavorful turkey ever! I didn't take any pictures though. Sorry. Thanksgiving night wasn't the best though, my fur-sister had to be put down that night. I feel so sad for my dad and step-mom. Lucy was only 6 years old and she was amazing. There were lots of tears shed when this decision was reached. Until I see her again, I'll be seeing her in my dreams.

Teag and me. I did actually get one picture!

I was also a crazy and went out to Black Friday shop Thursday evening. The fact that it was on Thursday evening irritates me but that's a different post for another day. I took the wife, boyfriend and mi madre. We hightailed it to our local Walmart about 730. Sales started at 8 and I pretty much got what I wanted. I can't complain. Except some guy duped me and handed me the wrong season of TrueBlood. -.- That shit sucks. Boyfriend's crazy ass sat in line for a tv for almost 3 hours. He got it though! Not that we needed a tv. What is it about guys that they don't want something unless it's on sale? We don't need the tv. At all. But it was cheaper than normal so he HAD to have it. Whatever. lol. I looked at my receipt last night and learned that I didn't get some deals like I thought I did. So next year I will be doing more research because I spent way too much money to not get good deals.

Yeah I look like hell. Please excuse mr photo bomber back there!

Now, onto some awesome bloggy business! Awhile ago the awesome Natalie who runs Oh Emm Gee had a mug swap. I got paired with Annie at Annie Mayzing and she sent me the cutest mug!

isn't this cute! She made sure my package was fun to look at.

My adorable mug =)

A cute message on a clover shaped card...she paid attention ;)

and the teas she love that she gave as favors at her wedding

Thank you Miss Annie! And thanks Natalie! It was fun.

Kailyn at Wandering Free  and Jessica at Living My FairyTale decided that they would start a bloggy bookclub. I was super excited when I read about this idea so of course I signed up. We're reading Heart on a Chain. It's interesting. I had wanted to read it before this so again, I was excited. My review will come on December 17! Come link up for the next book =)

I think that's all for today cupcakes! Maybe I'll have an actual post tomorrow. lol. 

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ANNIE M said...

You're very welcome! Sorry for the ghetto packaging of your box, bahahaha! I'm so glad you liked your mug & (hopefully) the teas. It was great getting to know another blogger :)