Thursday, January 3, 2013

Let Me Tell You A Story

Yep, I'm gonna tell you guys a fun little story. One that tells why I'm tired of facebook, even though I won't delete mine.

It all started on what was technically New Year's Day. Boyfriend and I left our party t 12:30 because we're lame and old awesome like that. We get home and I grab my laptop play on fb or awhile and go to bed. See, while I'm on fb I'm editing my "about me" ya know...because I don't work at Pizza Hut anymore and I just think people care I should make it known that I'm now at Olive Garden. So I did that, whatever. And I decided to list my wife as family as my wife. I put my laptop down and go to bed.

ZZZZZZzzzzzzz....I slept good too.

I come home New Year's Day morning and walk in the door and of course tell my momma Happy New Year. That's when shit got crazy. She looked at me said Happy New Year and Congratulations. I give her a wtf look and say what. She repeats "Congratulations!" I said..."for making it to 2013? Thanks, I didn't think I could do it either but here we are." That woman looks me straight in the eye and says got engaged!!! I got WHAT???? According to fb somehow boyfriend and I had now gotten engaged. Not once did I ever change our relationship status. I didn't even touch it. Now isn't that odd??

I started off the New Year explaining to people that no, we aren't engaged fb just has a mind of it's own. People were already congratulating me and I'm just in shock...Had to fix that immediately.

And besides...fb won't be the first people I will be you guys of course!

*mustaches added to protect last names*

That's my funny story for the year. Yeppers.

Have you guys noticed my wonderful new page! I simply adore it. Whitney from WhitSpeaks did it and she did an awesome job. She got me down to a t! It was such a simple process and she was so sweet. I didn't even know what I wanted but she got the job done. I still need to send her a pic and a blurb for my about me on the home page but I suck at writing those. Anybody wanna do it for me? I'll let you! There will be more pages to come such as an about me and sponsor page maybe??? We'll see! But definitely an about me.

Have a great Thursday cupcakes! And be sure to check out Whitney if you're looking for a new design!


Jordan said...

Your page looks amazing! I really need to pull the trigger and pay some monies for someone to give my blog a facelift. I love what she did with yours!

Whitney Leigh said...

LOVE the new layout. So cute.
and that is SO funny that your own fb hacked you. haha genius.

Jess said...

Funny story! I'll be checking out Whitney! Thanks for the link. I love the new look! I was a bit taken aback though and had to scroll down to make sure this was the same Chloe. lol New designs always throw me.

Laura Darling said...

Haha that's so funny! I bet your mom was relieved!

Brian Switzer said...

I wnanna do a guest blog.

Kendra Pahukoa said...

omg- that's funny! i was clicking around on some site recently and all of the sudden on facebook it said i liked anti-aging cream? i was like, "huh"?? i was even looking at face cream! anyway, funny, but yes, facebook has a mnd of it's own and clearly it was calling me old!!! haha.