Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Blog by a Dog

Hey there lovers of this blog, it's me Trixie. I wanted to have this post up and going around 8 but my bum of a mom wouldn't go workout and leave me with the laptop until like 1030. Woof. If she wouldn't have left me alone with the laptop I would have chewed up the cord or dug something tasty out of the trash and then bury it in her dirty clothes. She doesn't do laundry for weeks and when she finds it, it's hilarious! She can't yell at me because it was too long ago that I did it and "I wouldn't understand" why I'm in trouble. She's so easy.  She says I'm her best friend but let's be honest here...she doesn't really have a lot of friends. She's lucky I can't talk. She doesn't wanna hear what I have to say about her problems.

Mom said that today was Pinterest day on her blog. I don't really know what that means but everytime we're sitting down she's scrolling through it and ignoring me. Since I'm left to my own devices, I'll show you my favorite pins. I found the one that has stuff for me!! Score.

Now this looks nice and comfy. I dig it. I could dig and dig to find a comfy spot. And I wouldn't have to share with that monster mini human person that sits on me all the time. But I also couldn't steal all the room on the couch from mom. I'll get her to buy it and then I'll never use it!

Source: via Chloe on Pinterest

She thinks she needs this to keep my hair from getting all over her car. I'd just hide under it and still get my little white hairs everywhere. And then I laugh and laugh.

This is what I looked like when I was little. How could she say no to that face?? I mean, this is by no means me, I was a lot cuter than that. But you get the picture. Part Jack Russell part Chihuahua. I'm gonna have to tell her to put some throwback thursday pictures of me on here. 

My momma is pretty great though. I do love her. I may be a bit snarky, but I know that she loves me. Especially when we're sitting beside each other all cuddled up and she doesn't move just so I can stay comfy. Love her. She's a good human. 

Enough of the mush and gush here though. I need to show you how beautiful I am...

See, I smile when I sleep with her =)

This is my pretty face.

And HEY...I didn't pick this one. I kinda look silly here. Oh well. 

See ya lovers. I've got some snoozing to do.


Abbigayle Rashae said...

Your dog is so cute!

Holy goodness I SO needed this right now. I had a really frustrating day, came home to check the mail, and got your package. It made me smile!

I love everything in it, and I'm eating a fruit roll-up as I type this!

Thank you again.
You are too adorable!

-XO Abbigayle Rashae

Ashley Nichole said...

This post made my day! I am an over the top dog lover myself and have my two fur babies have been begging me to let them write their own post on "what they think of their mommy"... we shall see lol!

Stopping by from the link up :)

xo, Ashley

Kasey said...

new follower here :D love this doggy post! I'm a dog mom too :):):)

please come check out my blog some time

Jordan said...

How did I miss this?!?!?! This is golden!