Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Little of This and That

Happy Wednesday cupcakes! We're almost to Friday, which I don't really care about but Friday leads us to Saturday and I'm having Mini's birthday party Saturday! So exciting. There will probably be a picture overload just so ya know.

Today is also the day that my giveaway winner is announced. And the winner is..........comment number 11.

Congrats girl! 

I was gonna do OHP today but I'm not really feeling it. So I decided to show you all the randomness I have going on.

A week from today Mini will be 5. Gasp. That's a big number over here folks. She's gonna start school that I don't have to pay for! Yay. lol. It's just so hard to grasp that she's been by my side for 5 whole years. We went to dinnner last night and she was working on her words. Here's what she wrote for me.

And i cried. Not even kidding. It's shark week so that helped too. 

Yesterday I ran by a convenience ( i can never spell that word right, thank goodness for Chrome's spellcheck) store. I got my change back from the guy, no big deal. Then I get home and go to put the money in my wallet because I didn't wanna lose it and I saw this. 

Is that not awesome or what?? I died. Kudos to you money drawer...even though it's a felony. 
They have such stupid rules. 

So I'm about to go on a rant for a second. Although I'm not a server, and I don't live off of a tipped wage, I used to be and I still want to be. If you think that you can afford to go out and eat then by all means go, but IF and only IF you are planning on tipping. Seriously. These girls work there asses off and then some little college aged girl with daddy's money comes in and they don't tip. They said that there server was wonderful and they were really nice to her the whole time. So what gives? And on top of that, they knew some of the staff that works there. I would be embarrassed to go somewhere to eat where I know people and I know that I'm not going to tip. With the day and age it is, you best believe they were contacted by the girl that knew them. She called them out and their response was "I only have $40 for the next week." Fucking wah. If you don't have enough money to tip, don't come. And if you only have $40 for a week and you're eating Olive Garden on Monday, I sure as hell don't believe that's all the money you have. Olive Garden is kinda pricey  Maybe you should try McDonald's or the grocery store where you get a lot more for your money. 

Sorry it's kinda blurry. 

I also haven't stuck to my guns and I'm doing multiple swaps this month. I love them and I can't help it. Packages are fun! And it's fun when you have people who actually talk to you. I'm in one swap that my partner has barely communicated and I'm a little bummed about it =( But oh well! This one is a birthday swap. No, my birthday isn't this month but I love March for some reason. So I decided to join. It's a favorite things swap and since I'm sending out one box of my favorite things, I figured two would be pretty awesome!

Signups are open until the 8th!
And last but certainly not ever least, I finally get to watch the first half of season 3 of The Walking Dead!!! Boyfriend downloaded it so that I would let him watch the new episodes. Apparently he's been doing that behind my back. Rude! I went to bed early Sunday night and woke up at 8 because it was on and I could hear it. I refused to let him watch it. He told me that I don't have to watch it and to just go back to sleep so he could watch it. No way mister. If I know it's on then I can't fall back asleep. So he changed it and downloaded it that night! Love him. And I thought this was super funny because well, it's true. I don't like either one of these characters. I know what happens to one of them and I'm excited to see it. 


And The Walking Dead has an app where you can zombiefy yourself. It's pretty awesome sauce.

Yep, I may be a sick freak sometimes. But I was bored and thought it would be fun!
Happy Wednesday y'all! 
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Tiffanie A said...

HHAHAHA I love the 5 dollar bill. Thats hilarious!

Gayle said...

I disagree with your hatred for Lori (I'm not sure why -- I just have a soft spot for her), but I can't stand Carl. And let me tell you, I'm up-to-date on the season and he doesn't get any better. Ugh.