Monday, March 4, 2013


It's Monday  cupcakes! Monday doesn't make me as sad as it makes most of you. It's because I work in the restaurant industry and it's just another day. When you don't get weekends off you don't know the difference.

My weekend was ok. I worked Friday and Saturday morning. Saturday night the boy and I went to his best friend's house to celebrate his engagement! Exciting stuff, seeing as how nobody in our group of friends saw him ever getting married. But it's still a secret I think. It was just them and us and we played P&A. That's president and asshole just incase you've never played. It's fun but people can get vicious and you get tanked faster than a fat kid can finish his cake. True story. They all had some moonshine and jager but I worked the next morning so I just had Bud Select. That shit is gross. Seriously. But we didn't buy the beer so I can't complain. We took some moonshine home so that we can drink some tonight seeing as how I don't work tomorrow. =) Sunday morning I had to work but had the night off. Which is nice, but I'm not making any money working these damn single shifts. My manager must be pissed at me for some reason because this week I have 3 days off. -.- I can't live on what I'm making right now. I won't say anything to her until I see the next schedule but if I'm screwed like I am on this one then finding a new job might be in the works. =( As much as I don't want to, I like the lifestyle I'm accustomed to. And it's not that elaborate or anything. Sunday night I went to bed at 730. Yup. It was great. I can't complain about being tired today. 

Source: via Soniya on Pinterest

And that's exactly what I did! 

How about a Currently post for you guys! I love these posts and somebody needs to do a weekly link- up of one. If you know anybody that does be sure to tell me!

Technically nothing. I'm in the middle of 3 books, and I'm reading blog posts when I take a break from this.

This post. I need to start writing in my journal. But what I want to write goes hand in hand with what I need to read. 

To CMT country music morning. I love it. Except Carrie was just on and I just want to know what is wrong with that girl. And then Eric Church came on and I think "Jesus Does" is about him mama. If it really is, well good. I haven't read anything about it but there's not a woman who loves that much except your mama. 

About my long to do list this week. 
How much I hate commercials and everybody needs to own a DVR. 
Where the hell is my dog. I let her out and left the door open and it's awfully quiet. 
Ooo...Luke is on tv. His Spring Break album comes out tomorrow. 
I heard the dog. She's ok.

Nothing. I should light a candle.

That to-do list would do itself. 
The commercials would be over. 
It was just a bit warmer outside seeing that I have the door open and it's kinda chilly.

The evil boss lady doesn't work tonight. I'm not in the mood for her. 

the Boy's Adidas shirt and a pair of pink "Support the Cure" sweats. 

My little dog 
The bagel that I had for breakfast
The amount of sleep I got last night
The boy because he surprised me with downloading the first half of season 3 of the Walking Dead for me so I can catch up =)))))) I love him.

A new car. 
To see Luke's new video for Buzzkill.
To go workout. 

More hours at work.
To go workout.
To do laundry. Ahhhh. 

Calm and happy. 

Between writing this and one of my bloggy bests blog to figure out what I should put on this post. 

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Dabbling in Dixie said...

Glad you had an awesome weekend girl! I agree, Bud Select is super gross! But free beer is still the best kind ;)

Chelsea said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog girl! Just took a look around at yours and all I can say have a new GFC follower here!

Jordan said...

^^This is where the "Currently" thing started and she has it set up as a link up :) You're welcome!

Glad your dog was ok, that would freak me out! Sorry about your job hours, what other restaurants are in your area that you could work in?

Just two more Saturdays and I'll be shaking it to Luke Bryan!

Helene said...

mmmm bagels. sorry you have evil boss ughhh

jessica said...

i have a pretty large and in charge to do list this week, too! lets hope i don't ignore it like i did allllll weekend long. lol

Rachel said...

Yes, I don't get as upset about Mondays as most people either, but that's because I have a set Tuesday-Saturday schedule. And my husband works every 3rd weekend so between the two of us we don't have any kind of normal schedule!
And I need to do laundry, too!