Monday, March 25, 2013


Happy Monday y'all! I didn't do much this weekend. I worked doubles Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I was  a little worn out. So glad that's over! Yesterday morning I woke up to snow. -.- I'm sick of snow. Like tired of it. It's almost April and I'm ready for it to be warm dammit. I can't keep up with the cold anymore. Unless they're going to change the seasons then Spring needs to come when it's supposed to. I even had to clean off my own car *gasp* I know. Jk. I'm really more of an independent female so I do that kind of stuff. lol. Although I won't complain if the boy wants to do it for me. Then I came home last night and watched The Walking Dead. Man, what a heart breaking episode. And there's only one episode left until Fall. =( That's my exciting weekend in a nutshell.

Let's do ittt


Reading...Girls in trucks by Katie Crouch and The Happiness Project. I finished Silver Linings Playbook and I plan on doing a review of it after I get the download of the movie finished and I watch it.

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Writing...this post. That's it for now. my heart and head. It's different. But I need to learn to trust my instinct.

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Thinking...I wish i would have gotten started on this post earlier. I got shit to do today! dog's nasty breath. But I really secretly love it. Guess it's not a secret now huh. Whatever!

Wishing...There were more hours in a day to get shit done. Of course maybe if I didn't like to watch tv this wouldn't be an issue. lol.

Hoping...That these last few weeks of school go by rather quickly. I'm ready to take my summer vacation. Yup.

Wearing...The boy's pj bottoms (I hate the words pajamas and pants), a tank, and a long sleeve black shirt. It's still damn cold!

Loving...My mini. She just got back from Oklahoma and she's so cute. And not working a double today. Even though I really need the hours Wahhh. 

Wanting...Warm effing weather! And a list of things but that's just usual for me. lol

Needing...A good girl's night. I miss my wife. And my friends. A girl's night in with booze and no boys sounds great! To get started on my day...laundry, wal-mart trip, and a shower.

Feeling...The best dog in the world warming up my left leg because she's snuggled up against it =) 

Clicking...Between this post tab and Lauren's blog Siddathornton

And because I haven't given you all a picture of me in ya go!


Whitney Leigh said...

ok please tell me the blonde chick died on the Walking Dead. I haven't watch any of this season because EVERYBODY bothers me. EXCEPT for Darryl. If Darryl died, I'm gonna cut someone. TELL ME!

And how was Silver Linings Playbook? because I LOVED that movie. I didn't know it was a book And now I gotta read it.

siddathornton said...

ooooh, i want to read silver linings playbook - i loved the movie!