Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Favs!

Happy Friday! I hope y'all have wonderful weekends and all that good stuff. I know that I plan on relaxing and working. And that's it!

I talked a little yesterday about how I was feeling lost. Not really sad, just lost. Well, I felt a lot better after I blogged. I guess that's just what my life was missing. I still feel a little weird but blogging brought back some of my happiness. So thank you all so much for being here to read some of my thoughts.

Today I want to do Friday Favs. I don't know if there's a link up somewhere for this kinda thing so if there is, let me know pleassse.

1. Baby Lips - Peach Kiss

I wasn't interested in getting one of these. However, I was sent one in a swap and of course I had to use it. Now I LOVE it. And the peach is my fav because of the color. I'm trying to find a good nude color and so far I like this one. 

2. Rose Gold Eyeshadow

I adore this shade right now. I've bought 10 eyeshadows in the past week just trying to find the perfect shade. Yes, 10. I have a problem. I can't help it. Ok, maybe I can but I don't wanna. When I pick an eyeshadow color I cling on to it for as long as I can. And then I find a new one. Last time it was a silver/black/grey smoky eye. Now I have no urge for that and I have a billion of those shades. 

3. Puppies

I'm currently on a puppy high from last weekend. Yes, I did do something last weekend and I will tell you all about it next week since I failed and didn't say anything this week. Look at those nuggets. How can you not love them? My dad is fostering them and their 6 brothers/sisters and momma. 

4. Song Pop 

Seriously, have you played this?? If not, you should. It's fun and brings out my super competitive side. You select the category of songs you want and you can always buy more categories (and unlike other apps/games you don't have to use your real hard earned money!). They have anything from pop to workout to 1920's-50's pop. ANYTHING. My username is clovermarie. If you want my e-mail instead, just comment and I'll let you get it. Come play with me!

5. Thunder Storms 

*not my picture* 

We've had some rain here lately. And by some I mean a lot. I don't like just rain. I feel that if it's gonna rain it needs to thunder and lightning and down pour. True story. And today it is. Happiness. I almost prefer grey skies over the sun some days. 

And since it's Friday, and I am blogging, I have to link up with Fabulous Ms. Yoga Pants

This week I'm feeling like some Luke Bryan is in store. I picked Crash my Party because it's up with Drunk on You for my favorite song of his. I just love it!

Happy Weekend Cupcakes!


Steph G said...

I have 3 different baby lips in my purse right now. Love it!

Jordan said...

That eyeshadow is really pretty! Love it!

Stephanie said...

I use that same baby lips, I love it. Those are seriously adorable puppies!

Whitney Leigh said...

ahhh I missed your post yesterday! work was insane. I hope you get out of your "lost funk" soon. I hate it when I start feeling that way.

buuuut on the other hand, I love all of these things too! especially that rose gold eye shadow! for real.

jessica said...

i'm the same way when it comes to eyeshadow. once i find one i love, i only use it till it's out then it's off to find a new shade.