Monday, April 29, 2013

When I'm Famous

Happy Monday y'all! It's my day off. Ahhhhh. lol. Work wasn't bad this weekend. Some drama got started that involves me, which is stupid because I don't even really talk to anybody at work. And that reason is exactly why. We hung out with some friends Saturday night and I felt like shit Sunday night. Not a hangover though. Just sickly. And there's your weekend recap. I really really don't like them. If I give an actual weekend recap with pictures and everything, well then I had a super duper ultra mega awesome weekend. Like the one I'll have in two weeks. Holla!

Anyway, I was watching something on Fuse about Beyonce and last night the boy and I were talking about Jay-Z. And all this talk of the two got me thinking about who my our celebrity couple friends would be. Let's get started.

Blake and Miranda
I picked this pic because then we'd be friends with Kid too. Saweet!

I mean, who doesn't want to be best friends with these two. And they are certainly like us. They like nothing better than some barbecue and some beers. I just can't. I can't. I love em so much.

Jay-Z and Beyonce

Who runs the world? They do. Beyonce just said girls to make everybody feel better. True story. She told me. Although I don't think we'd have a lot in common, we would still hang. Front and center at basketball games. And our kids would be best friends forever. We would help them take over the universe, not that they need much help.

Steven and Anna 

These two...I mean she's gorgeous and he seems like a cool dude. We love True Blood and they are True Blood. Can't complain. When we'd hangout we'd drink some blood red drinks and invite Alexander Skarsgard over. True story. I think I say that a lot. 

Willie and Korie 

Ummm of course! And the entire Robinson clan too. We love them. I'd let her take me shopping and the boy would love to hunt with them. And of course Sunday night dinner...I couldn't resist Miss Kay's cooking. 

Erin and Whitney

pic stolen from Ms Yoga Pants

If I'm famous than obviously these two will already have been for many years. This one benefits me more than the boy. Oh well! They could teach me all their fun ways and make me drink fireball even though I hate cinnamon with a passion. And it might be creepy for including them in this post but I just love them that much. 

And I'd have a big old barbecue and invite everybody. We'd have a great time. Don't worry, when the time comes you'll be invited too because I love your faces. 

See ya tomorrow cupcakes. Peace 

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Stephanie said...

Haha! Willie and Korie would totally be at the top of my list!