Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Can't Come Up With Anything Original

Yesterday should forever be remembered as the day I got it together. Not a joke in anyway! i got up yesterday morning, went to the post office, I've done a lot of homework, scheduled appointments, and turned in some things I needed to turn in. Hallelujah  It feels so good to be a normal adult. Not procrastinating and not doing stuff I should be doing. Hopefully I can get it together and be more *gasp* responsible. Shhh...don't say that word too loud, it's kind of scary.

Anyway...like I told you Friday, I was off of work this past weekend and boy was it nice. I didn't even have to request it off, it was just given to me. And I got Monday off too. Three day weekend - Holla!!

Friday I did the usual, work. I worked a double and I don't ever wanna work a double on Good Friday ever again. Friday doubles are supposed to be easy peasy and relaxing. Not this shit. Kids were out of school and parents felt lazy I guess so we were pretty busy all day long.

Saturday was great! I woke up planning to do all kinds of stuff but did nothing but couch surf my afternoon away. I love being a bum. I know I had homework to do but I just needed to turn off for the day. So that's what I did. I knew it was time to get around though. I had to run into the dark abyss of the world Walmart to find something for mini for Easter from the bunny - which she doesn't believe in. More on that later. I was grumpy and ultra super emotional. Womp womp...all my ladies know why. So because I felt like a terrible mom for buying Easter presents the night before Easter I had a mini meltdown with my mom at Walmart. But at least I wasn't in my sweat pants! I ended up buying some stuff and regretting it because I saw all the other kids' baskets on fb and felt terrible for not making her one. I just bought some clothes for her. Next year I vow to do better and start earlier. After that it was time to go get the man and go out! Yes, that's right, I went out. Momma, Boyfriend, and I went to Kitchen Pass (a hole in the wall with amazing birthday cake shots) to watch her friends' bands play. First up was The Rampaging Sons of the Widow James...yeah that's the whole name. Why would anybody name their band something that long? Beats the piss outta me. Then it was time for Dirty Deeds - an AC/DC cover band! They rocked!!

The Madre and I 

I felt special having my name on something reserved!

Ignore my weird facial structure. 

Just a picture. 

If my video ever finishes uploading to Youtube, I'll put it on here. If not, well, I hate Youtube so whatever. My shit never works right. 

I drank a lot and proceeded to have a wonderful evening with my family! I love being a happy drunk. I'm not always but this time I was and life was good. We had a wonderful evening.

Then it was Easter! It was Teagan's dad's holiday so I didn't get to wake up with her. That shit is so weird and hard sometimes. Anyway, Madre, Madre's Madre, Boyfriend and I all went to Golden Coral for lunch. Classy, I know. My grandma was gonna cook but her hunnie had a migrane and it was just easier to go out to eat. The food was just so so. Don't ever go to restaurants on holidays. It's not going to be as great as it could be! But I did have a cool cookie.

See, pretty awesome huh!

My mom's disgusted face at some kind of pie. I died a little.

After lunch Boyfriend and I headed back to his place so I could relish in some afternoon hangover napping. Which never happened. Sad face. Then Teagan's dad decided that I could have her for the afternoon so I jumped in my car and picked her up. She looked so cute and grown up. I need a way to stop that shit. We went home, did the Easter thing there. That's when I learned about the bunny. I asked if she was ready to see what the bunny brought her and she said something along the line of well, what you got me but we pretend it's from the Easter bunny. He's not real. I just said ok. And then harassed her about Santa. I don't think she believes in him either but she wouldn't outright say it. She's only 5! How can she already not believe?? Oh well, one less lie to tell her. I got my basket, she got hers. We were happy. Then we went to my dad's for his side of the family's Easter. He grilled some ribs and hamburgers but made these awesome sauce baked potatoes that I went to town on. MMM so good. We gabbed and played until 8 when I realized I really needed to get Teag back to her dad's. This is the only pic I got of her and it's not even mine. This is her with her sister. Blogger fail, but at least I got one at all! On the ride home I let her sit in the front because I get tired of being a damn taxi lady. She passed out and in that moment, I wished that time would have stopped. I wish that I could have held her hand and just enjoyed that moment. 

Have a great Tuesday cupcakes! I've got school today and I close at work. Womp womp. Love your faces!


Jordan said...

Sounds like a very fun and relaxing weekend! So happy you got the weekend off. I can't believe she already doesn't believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny! Kids these days grow up too fast.

Dabbling in Dixie said...

Such a cute picture of you!! We went with S's sister in laws at 3 am on Easter morning to finish getting stuff for Easter baskets... so you were WAYYY ahead of us :)