Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The One I Didn't Want to Post

I didn't want to write this post. I was hoping that I wouldn't ever do it. But, here I am, writing it today.

What is going on in blogland people?? I somehow miss all the little twitterama and the meaness. Not that it's a bad thing. So maybe I don't have a reason to write this post because I haven't been a part of any of it. That's how part of me feels. Like I'm jumping into stuff that isn't any of my damn business. It really isn't. But part of it is. The part where all the other bloggers are talking about it and it's making my newsfeed kind of sad to read.

I don't know why everybody has to be hateful to each other. I don't get it. When I first started blogging, it wasn't an option. It was a requirement for my English 102 class. And I dreaded it. But then I started to love it. And I found other blogs besides those of my classmates who I was required to read, and I loved them. When the semester ended, I chose to keep writing. And one of my main reasons was because blogland seemed so loving and caring. It seemed like girls who had never met connected and became friends because of the thoughts that flowed from their minds. And I've "met" so many bloggers that I adore, ones that I hope one day I'll meet irl and we'll continue our amazing friendships out side of the interwebs. But now, lately, it seems like once a week there is a day of blogger drama. And it hurts my heart. I know we all can't "get along". Life isn't that easy. But we don't have to bully. We don't have to hate read. That's what you have fb for. To hate read all the shit that people you couldn't stand in high school have to say today. If you don't like what another blogger stands for, that's fine. But don't condemn them for their choices. Don't say mean, hateful things just because you don't agree. Just ignore it. Hello, isn't that we learned in high school????? Don't start something just to fight with people. If you want to fight with somebody, well shit, then go do it somewhere else. Leave blogland what it was when I came to it. A place to write it out, meet kick-ass people, and have a secret that the people we know in real life don't understand. This community is ours and outsiders don't get it. That's a beautiful thing! Why is everybody trying to ruin that???

The wonderful Erin (who you really should be following) wrote today about her good, bad, and ugly. She also stated that "at the end of the day we are all just bloggers, and at the end of that we are all just human. We all have great things going for us. We all have shitty things going for us. We all experience success. We all experience fallback. We're humans - each of us carrying around "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly"." And yes, I did just quote her word for word because the girl got it right. After that she listed her goods, bads, and uglies and encouraged others to do it too. So I'm gonna. Because everybody has traits that are good, bad, and ugly, because we are just human.

The Good
I graduated high school with a baby. A lot of people I know took other ways and got their ged or just quit. It's not a bad thing to get a G.E.D. I'm not saying that at all. But I did finish high school and walked right across that stupid stage. A bit drunk, I may add.

My boobs. Maybe not exactly what others think should be on this list, but if you know me, then you understand. I love boobs. Mine, yours, Kate Uptons, the list goes on. I've said that before. 

I'm loyal to those that are close to me. Need an ear or shoulder, just come right here. Need a favor, I'm yours. I will do anything within my means to help you out. 

The Bad
I hardly ever do my laundry. When my jeans have been worn one too many times for my liking, I'll do laundry. I've never gone naked, so I must do it sometimes.

I'm a crier. Yep, I cry over everything. Miranda cried on the ACMs, I did too. Luke cried, I followed suit. That happy kitty commercial, I cry. My feelings get hurt, I cry. If I got more than 3 days without my eyes welling up with tears, something's wrong.

I'm impatient. When I want something, I want it now. I hate to wait. If I'm hungry and there's more than a 20 minute wait, better go find some place else. My daughter is walking like a turtle, like she does most days, I have to get in front of her or I run her over. 

The Ugly
I come across as a bitch. I don't mean to, it's just my personality. Unless you're really dumb and get on my nerves. 

Taking one from Erin, I pick my nose. Yep, totally just said that. 

I never ever ever exercise or eat healthy and complain about being fat. 

This list and the bad list, are a lot easier for me to write then the good one. It's hard for me to find good things about myself. 

That's all I've got. I want this place that I love to go back to what it was when I found it. 


Gayle said...

Cheers! Maybe I'll make a list, too...

holli said...

I guess i've been in a cloud because i havent read or seen anything ugly. Thank goodness! No sense in being meam. Life is hard enough as it is.

Heather said...

I don't get on Twitter much, but I did today just because this "blog drama" has been on nearly every blog post today. So it must have been good.

I think blogging gives some people a "God complex". They think because they have a certain number of followers, and those followers leave all kinds of "you are my inspiration" "you get me through the day" "I love you so much" comments, that they have some sort of reign over blogland. Not the case. Those are the bloggers I chose to stop reading. I would rather read a blog that has 100 followers that are real and normal, than 2000 followers that are there because everyone else is.

Erin said...

Yes yes yes. This is perfect. I come off as a bitch too, all the time! And it's just because I'm quiet and don't come up to you to make small talk. ANd obviously we are on the same page with the laundry and shitty eating habits. Rock on girl.

Paige Brown said...

Here from Erin's twitter! AND I'm totally a sympathy crier too. Your list cracked me up! I'm glad theres another woman out there who can outwardly proclaim their love of boobs ;)


Anonymous said...

Love your list girl!!