Thursday, April 11, 2013

Throw Back Thursday!

I'm gonna give you a laugh today. Well, that's my goal. I decided that it was time to participate in Throwback Thursday again!

I picked some of my "favorite" pictures ever. I don't really have a lot anymore because I went threw a phase where I threw a lot of stuff away. Apparently my mom saved them though. Now I just gotta get them from her. 

Look at my fucking hair. What in the hell was I doing?? Beats me. This is probably seventh grade. I think. Not real sure. But jeez. And that shirt, well, I LOVED that shirt. I have no idea why but it was my favorite for so long. 

Now, this girl...where did she go? Flat stomach and huge boobs! They've always been huge. I apparently thought that I needed to show some skin to go to a junior high choir concert. No wonder why people thought I looked older back then. Now I look like a 12 year old. No biggie though! I would rather look like a youngin now. Except sometimes when I get carded I roll my eyes. Already. But other times I don't and I wanna cry. 

Again, junior high. Those were my babies. And notice all that Tinkerbell stuff. I LOVED her back then. I like her now, but my shit isn't all out Tinkerbell anymore. Just grown up looking stuff ok! k.

And I saved this one for last. 6th grade youth cheerleading. Why did they let us pose like that?? It's so bad. I'm sure that this is all kinds of wrong in many ways that I won't say on here. I don't want those words to be reasons people find this blog! 

Happy Thursday y'all! See ya tomorrow. 


Adrienne Clark said...

Oh the days of braces...def had those! Thanks for linking up!

Misty said...

I miss the days when I could rock a belly shirt.

Thanks for linking up!

Stephanie said...

I love all of these!!! Especially the cheerleading one OMG