Friday, May 24, 2013

Born to be Famous

I haven't done Friday's Letters in awhile so I thought that's what I'd do for today! Let's just get to it.

Dear Work, I'm really happy you guys have decided to let me serve but really disappointed with the fact that we hired that girl. I guess I'll put on my big girl panties and deal with it though. I have no choice. 

Dear Weekend, It's Memorial Day weekend and I hope to go visit those I've lost. It will be therapeutic. Also, I work doubles Friday and Saturday but I'm off on Sunday. That never happens. 

Dear Not-So-Little Girl, I love you so much. I'm gonna miss you while you're gone with your grammy. I know you'll have fun though. Unfortunately our summer visitation schedule starts and I have to share you more than I'm used to. Womp womp. 

she picked her own outfit...born to be famous, yes she is

Dear Customers, You've been assholes lately. Please stop. I don't understand why you get offended at a table I seat you at. And then when I offer you a different table you get your panties in a wad and huff and puff "no, this is fine." Whatever. 

Dear Blake, I'm so happy you got a job! And it's one that you want. I know you'll do great because you're you. And you're really good at sales/telemarketing. I love you. Also, I'm sorry about Max. I know you loved him so much. I just don't know what to say.

Dear Trixie, Little dog, I love the shit out of you. However, I told you not to get used to Mimi being home all day. That she was gonna get a job. And you got used to it and ignored me all the time. RUDE. But you're coming back around now. You're my best friend. True story. And I miss cuddling with you. 

Dear Blog Loves, Happy Friday!! Thanks for being here for me all the time. You're too sweet. And I love you guys. Reading blogs is the best time suck ever. True story.  


And since I'm blogging on a Friday for the first time in like ever...of course I have to link up to Whitty's #backthatazzup Friday

I've been obsessing over this song for like a week now. I know it's not new, but right now I can't get enough of it. Have you ever looked up the lyrics? Shit is all over the place!


Jordan said...

Just focus on the money you're making and avoid all contact with her. If she tries to start something simply walk away! I know that's so much easier said than done, but you've got a job to protect. Also, tell her you've got friends in Houston who will fuck her shit UP. I'm kidding, I have no ability to do that whatsoever. Hope you have a fab weekend girl!

Stephanie said...

Ugh sorry they hired her :( Yuck.

But oh my goodness, the born to be famous shirt is too funny!!

Alison Farnham said...

My family dog is named Trixie too!

Thanks for stopping by my little slice of the interwebs!

Brandy said...

My chihuahua's name is Trixie! :)
I honestly didn't know you could request a Or at least Ive never thought of doing it.
although I've also never complained to the waiter/waitress.

Abegail Tudela said...

aw she's absolutely adorable. love her outfit! :)

Michelle said...

It can be really awkward when you dont get along with someone you work with, I hope it wasnt too painful at work for you over the weekend!