Wednesday, May 22, 2013

People Suck

I always have the highest page views on days I don't blog. Guys, this is a bad thing! How come more people don't come visit when I actually post something? Huh, huh, Why?? Who knows. I'm beginning to think I suck at this blog thing. So many things I want to do but so much I don't. Woof. Sad face. Womp womp. Alright, enough pity party for me.

Things are going pretty good right now. I found out that my manager wants to hire two more hosts and then cross train me to serve!! I'm super pumped about that. That's all I've wanted to do since I started at the good ol' OG (Olive Garden if you're new here). Catch is, they actually have to be good hosts. The last few we've hired have been terrible. Terrible at the easiest job in the world. I know, I shouldn't judge, but damn, it's not as hard as these people make it out to be. It's a mentally challenging job. That's for sure. 

My madre and Blake both got new jobs too! I'm super happy for them. They both need it. 

But I have one shitty thing running through my mind right now. See, I don't have drama. And I know people that say that normally do, but seriously, I don't. I don't do anything or hangout with people drama for this lady. But right now, I kinda do. A seriously shady girl that I know, messaged me the other night and asked if there was any beef between us because she seriously needs a job. Another "friend" of mine told her we were hiring and she wanted to make sure it was cool if we worked together. Bitch, listen here, if you have to ask somebody if it's ok to work with them, then it's probably not a good idea. Right? And how dare her put it on me that she's "desperate" for a job. You're a grown ass woman. If you need a job that bad I don't think that a person should be in the way of stopping you. I won't go into why this girl and I don't really get a long because it's not really about me. But she hurt a lot of people around me in really fucked up ways. There are only two people in this entire world that I would freak out about. And she is one of them. But I was an adult and said "yeah, it's fine" thinking you know, it wasn't the nicest sounding message so maybe she won't do it. Lo and behold, bitch had an interview and was there when I got to work today. I freaked out - full panic attack style kids. It's bad. Luckily, I held it together enough that none of the managers or other employees saw my freak out. But it sure felt like it was way out there. I finally broke down and told a manager that I don't care if they hire her, but I would prefer not to be in the same training class and around her. I had to. I was trying so hard to not be drama and not say anything. But I need to be comfortable at work. It's my job too. She has another interview to go through so maybe she won't get hired, but I had to say something now. I know this all sounds like rambling mumbo jumbo but I feel better getting it out there. 

And for the "friend" who knows that the girl and I aren't really besties, well, I no longer consider her a friend. I don't know how a friend does that to somebody else. She knows what went down with this girl and the people she fucked over. And she knows she's not really a person that I like to be around. "Friend" is supposed to be really good friends with Blake and by doing this, we both learned that she's not who we thought she was. 

And that's my rant for today. I know that I haven't been doing the blog every day in May thing but this fits perfectly right now. Have a good day cupcakes! Love your faces. 


Brian Switzer said...

Two quick things. 1)- 'a long' is one word- we don't get along. 2)- text me the name of the girl. You have my curiosity piqued.

Jordan said...

I would hate to have to come into work and see one of the two girls that I would freak out about(I think we all have one or two?). I don't blame you at all for saying something. I think you're handling it the best you can. Good for you for not saying "Don't hire that bitch" but instead asking to just stay separated from her. I hope y'all get some good hosts soon so you can become a server! That's where the $$$ is at, especially at Olive Garden! :)

Cortney said...

Nominated you for a Liebster award today :)

Adriana said...

So I'm one of those people who visited on a day you didn't post.. BUT I'm following you now so I promise I'll keep up.

ALSO. I would probably punch both of those girls. ALSO I love that you called me a cupcake. I mean not specifically but you know.

Let's be friends

Alex[andra] said...

I found you through one of your Tweets, so now I'm following you on all your platforms! Don't worry, I'll come visit your blog when you post things!

Congrats on soon being trained on serving!

I hope for your sake that girl doesn't get hired. But if she does, I will enjoy reading more rants!

Ali said...

I can't speak for everyone but I log in every couple days and get caught up on the blogs I follow. I'm just not in the habit of checking every day. As for the girl.. yeah people suck. At the restaurant I used to work (LJ) I would just remind myself they wouldn't be working there for long. Very few people actually stay at a restaurant.