Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Heavy Heart

I actually had a really fun post planned for today. However, after yesterday's events I just didn't feel right talking about my fun vacation.

My Auntie lives right outside of Moore. To get to Norman you go OK City, Moore, then Norman. I've been through Moore many many times. I'm glad that she doesn't live there today. I was so scared for her. Yesterday there was a small tornado in Norman, luckily it was on the other side of town

As somebody who lives 15 minutes away from Joplin, I know first hand how scary these storms are. I know what it's like to know somebody who was a survivor of that tornado. And I know how hard it is for these people to start over. They've lost so much. Home, clothing, yes possessions are just possessions and you can always get more but what about those possessions that are special and can't be replaced. Pictures. That's my biggest fear during these storms. I only have a select few baby pictures of Teagan because some asshole stole my memory card. And I grab those photo albums every time the sirens go off. And that's often.

Anyway, this isn't about me. This is about survivors. This is for the strong people of Moore who will rebuild and who will become closer to each other. They will be a community again. I'm asking you to help if you can. Remember yesterday's post about those that helped my aunt? This is how I plan on passing it forward. I will do whatever I can.

I pray for those families who have lost their poor babies. I pray for those who have lost friends and family. I can't imagine what it's like. I honestly don't want to know. And right now, what I'm really praying for is that my auntie's best friend who lives in Moore gets in contact to tell her she's ok. That's what I really want. And I literally jut got the text that my aunt has heard from her!

This is all I've got today. Please keep Oklahoma in your thoughts.

And because who doesn't love 21 Jump Street and this is true


Jamie said...

Yes. Those poor people.

Jordan said...

Glad to hear your aunt's friend is ok!