Monday, May 20, 2013

Give Thanks

So I've been cruising around blogland and I've realized that Spring/Summer makes everybody absent from there blogs. It's kinda crazy. We all get so busy and don't have time to blog but we all miss it so much. If only I was an organized person I could probably plan and type out my posts. But what fun would that be? It's 12:21 am Friday night/Saturday morning. And I'm going to write about my vacation some more.

I learned something while I was gone. I learned that there are some hateful people out there, but more of them are so kind hearted and self-less.

And today I want to gossip about some ladies. Not bad gossip though! Read on!

See, in between Eric and Kenny we had to pee. And the bathroom line on our level was waaaay to long. So I grabbed the wife and Kyla (who needs a nickname) and we trekked it up 3 levels up hill the whole way. It was the longest walk of my life. All just to go pee. We finally made it outside to the less full bathroom. Which, I must say is where the awesome pictures of me were taken! I don't know how long we were gone. To me it was 10 minutes, to my aunt it was 45. Not once did one of us think to look at our phones. But then I heard somebody say Kenny is coming on now. And I though "Self, get your drunk ass back in and get to your aunt. She wants to see him and is waiting for you!!!!" And so off we went. I don't remember the walk back, but oh well. But I remember when we got back down there that the sand bar was PACKED. It was bad. We think that they stopped looking at bracelets because my aunt has been in the sand bar before and has NEVER seen that many people down there. Unfortunately because of our pee break, we lost our awesome seats standing spot. People had pushed their way through and my auntie just didn't wanna deal with it. I don't blame her. But now, I felt like shit. I felt that it was my fault that we weren't close. Mind you I was drinking so I wasn't really thinking. Just feeling. lmao. I don't really know how things started out but something amazing happened. We told people about my aunt's story. Everything she has gone through and how this concert was something that she really wanted to do. And people started letting her go through to the very front. They were being so selfless and it was amazing. It first started with a mother and daughter. Tiffany and Kim Schwartz.
Terrible picture but ya know. 

They understood because Tiffany's (the daughter) best friend passed away from cancer. These women were absolutely wonderful. I couldn't thank them enough and I don't think I will be able to. I did find Tiffany on fb and told her about this post. So Tiffany, if you're reading this, thank you times 56651341. You and your mother have a wonderfully kind spirit. Your best friend is so proud of you guys. Again, thank you. 

Then there was another group of girls. And they were amazing too! Alisha Cole and Alaina Lansing. These girls rock! They passed the message on as well. There were people in front of us who were really really hateful and didn't want to let us up front with my aunt. We didn't care, but these girls encouraged and helped us get to her. They didn't let some ol' bitties stop us. And you girls, I can't thank you enough either. 

*not my picture*

I know that I will always remember what these ladies have done for my family. And next time I'll pay it forward and do something for somebody else. Because of these beautiful ladies. 

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Jordan said...

I LOVE hearing stories like these. Lovely reminder that not everybody in the world sucks. <3