Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Breaking News

So not last week, but the week before I took an early weekend from the blog. I thought it was necessary. You see, that week was the week that my wife finished her chemo! So of course a celebration dinner was in order. She made me choose between Outback and Applebees. Good food vs. Okay cheap food. Cheap won of course, so Applebees it was.

I bought her her first post chemo drink and it was a summer squeeze and it was delish! I got a long island of course. All that booze in one glass gets a good buzz going. Two glasses, I probably shouldn't drive home. That's my go to at AppleBees. Never had one? Try there first.

I should have probably edited her instagram name but go ahead and stalk her. She'll appreciate it. 
Summer Squeeze

Our waitress was super sweet and gave us a free mini brownie sundae to celebrate chemo being over! But the wife doesn't like chocolate. Like hates it. But she choked it down like a pro. It wasn't funny but it was funny. 

After dinner we went over to Blake's and told him he HAD to go get drinks with us. Normally on a school night he's not down but since it was a big deal he obliged. We were gonna go to B-dubs but decided to go over to a friend's house and drink with them. Funny story, Wife asked the lady friend of the couple if she wanted to hang out...and she didn't really want to. So Blake asked her husband and he said sure. We took his answer and ran with it. We took a 16 pack of budlight and a 12 pack of straw-ber-itas so we weren't empty handed. And we had great timing. Apparently there was no power in part of town. And they just happened to live in that part of town. We all hung out and drank and then the boys wondered off to the highway. I'm surprised they didn't get ran over. We had great girl time. Much needed. I didn't get any pictures because I couldn't charge my phone and we were all sweaty and gross anyway. 

Wife wanted to go home by 1 so we said ok. And at 12:30 we headed to another group of friends' house. We had her convinced that she was going to be home by 1. We lied. We waited for an old friend of Blake's to show up. And he took forevvvver. In the mean time Wife was gettin it. Seriously, I highly suggest making one of your friends be sober for awhile and then take them out drinking. It doesn't take much and it's hilarious! I wish I could tell you all the shit that came out of her mouth. But it's not really blog appropriate. 

See, our group of friends aren't really blog appropriate. But we're fucking awesome. And we give each other a lot of shit. So even if I told you, you wouldn't laugh because it's a you have to be there moment. 

We got home about 3. Ooops. And we all had to work the next day. When we got home Blake and I took Olivia outside for about 5 minutes. We came in and Wife was fully dressed passed the hell out on the couch. She didn't even look comfortable. =) Love that girl. 

Love him.

I told her I wouldn't post this but whatever. 

Friends and shit.

And I have breaking news for you....
As of yesterday at 730 in the morning...

Wife is in remission!! No more cancer.
We're so happy!



Brandy said...

Awww!! YAY!!!
What kind of cancer was it, if you don't mind me asking?
Congratulations to her, & I hope she stays in remission and it NEVER returns! :')

Chelsee W said...

Thanks for linking up with Steph and I today! Omgsh, that is some amazing news about her being in remission. I love the pics, and that drink looks amazing:)

Jordan said...


Beth W said...

YAY! Congratulations to da wife for kicking cancer's ass! That's AWESOME! :D

Kristin said...

OMG!! New follower from the linkup!! This is such a cool story!! So glad i found you!! My dad had to go through chemo....such an awful experience. Give the wife love from me and tell her she's fucking awesome!!


Stephanie said...

That is a HUGE thing to celebrate!! YAY!!!!!! That's so amazing, I'm so exited for her!