Monday, August 12, 2013

I Learned Two Things

I actually had a post started for today but we got some family pictures over the weekend. I just wanted to share some and show you that yeah, maybe we like each other a little bit over here. But don't get too excited. I think my favorites are of Teagan. Of course.

I learned two things from this 
 - I have no jawline and I pretty much look like a cow. Woof.
 - Even if your dress seems long enough, you should probably test it out. In all the pictures of us sitting down my ass is almost hanging out. 

All photos courtesy of Big Grin Photography.


Anonymous said...

Aw these are great photos!

Jordan said...

Love your dress! The photographer did an awesome job with the colors! Great pictures!

Yammering Yankee said...

Those photos are great! What a beautiful family :)

Brian Switzer said...

Cows go moo. Woof is dogs.

Erin said...

you shut your mouth. I love these photos!! everyone looks gorgeous

Beth W said...

The one of you and your little girl is AWESOME! (and I have no jawline, either, but at least your chin is defined! I get a double-chin look from mine), plus you have cute freckles. :P

Great shots!