Monday, August 5, 2013

I Should Learn My Lesson

Wahhh...I'm tired. And I have to leave for work in an hour. I originally wasn't going to post but I changed my mind. What a surprise right.

I really need sleep. I've gone to bed at 2 in the morning two days in a row now. And I have to get up and work early doubles after both of them.

The first night was ok, I couldn't sleep because ManFriend was leaving for Cincinnati Sunday morning. Last night I couldn't sleep because who knows. It blows though.

I cried when I dropped Blake off. It's just weird him doing the traveling. It's always been me that goes somewhere and every time I go somewhere I'm only 4 hours away. So yeah, a little different.

This is just a mash of things in my head. Sorry you get my Monday morning ramblings. Blame it one Blake, if he were here, he'd get them.

I beat iTunes and Apple last night. And I have to admit I'm pretty proud. Danielle (my host friend) had a music downloader app on her phone and I was jealous. I didn't understand how to work it but I wanted one. Then she told me that she paid for that app and I was all "Well fuck that. If I'm downloading free music I'm sure as hell not gonna pay for an app to do it." And she grabs my phone up, logs me out of iTunes, logs herself in and downloads the app on my phone. Tada free app! And free music. But I still feel kinda guilty towards iTunes. I promise I'll maybe still pay for some. My only problem is now I can't think of any songs I want to download. Help a girl out?

It's pumpkin cheesecake time at work. Excuse me as I gain 45 pounds from eating it all the time. I'm just so excited. However, along with pumpkin cheesecake comes fucking unlimited pasta bowl. -.- Fuck that shit. This is when the extreme cheapos come out. I'm gonna wait on Billy Joe Bubba Bob from now until October. Awesome. (If you are or have a Billy Joe Bubba Bob, I'm sorry. Not trying to offend you or your family. Just going with what rednecks around here are named.)

I'm getting drunk with the wife tonight. WOOT WOOT. Maybe. Depends on how tired I am. But she doesn't have to work tomorrow so tonight would be good for her. But tomorrow night would be better for me. How do you decide?

My tv has been fucked up for days. None of the regular channels work but hd does. I don't have an hd tv and I don't even pay for hd. What the fuck? I know I shouldn't get my panties in a bunch but I don't know the channel numbers for hd. And I just don't want hd. #firstworldProblems

We were supposed to have a party on Friday and I was super pumped about it. Now we can't. Sad face. There were some unexpected events and I'm really bummed about it. We have a party once a year and it always rocks. Blake grills and we hangout outside drinking too much and staying up until 6 in the morning. It's so fun. We've done it for two years now but none this year. sad face. I also loved it because we were at our house. Instead of a friend's. Finally we weren't the ones who had to worry about getting home. We both could drink as much as we wanted and pass out in our beds. Of course we let our friends stay over but shit, home is home!

That's all I got today. What's on your mind? Any songs I need to download?


Anonymous said...

what's the music downloader app called?

Jordan said...

We stayed up super late Friday and then slept for 12 hours Saturday night. When the hell did I get old?

As for choosing which night to hang with your wife, do both nights but don't get shitfaced. That way it works for both of you and you get to have a little bit of fun 2 nights in a row. Bam.

Erin said...

ummmm i know there is a whole lot in this post but I am stuck on pumpkin cheesecake. yum