Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Waiting Tables Wednesday w.2

You know what...I get paid to watch people eat. It's weird. I mean, when you think of serving you don't think to yourself "oh yeah, my job is going to consist of watching people eat." At least I didn't, not until another server brought it to my attention. And I haven't forgotten it since.

A couple of weeks ago I was waiting on this nice elderly couple. That's about all that comes into OG, but you still needed to know that. As I was watching these people eat, I noticed that they hardly said anything to each other. Unlike our generation, it wasn't because they were nose deep in their facebook feed. I don't really know why it was.

But it got me thinking. Which I do a lot when I'm working because when we're slow, it's just what I do to make the time pass. Do people ever run out of things to say to each other? Can you be with somebody for so long that you don't have anything left to say? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

I want this.
I can see both sides, because I've thought about it a lot. My first thought was that they were so content in their relationship that they've had together that they can just sit in silence and feel content. I'm a romanticist so I wanted to believe this. I want to believe that people are so happy that they just don't have to talk. I mean, sometimes Blake and I don't talk to each other. And it's not because we're unhappy. I know that some people will disagree with that but to each their own.

Or are they just not speaking to each other because they're unhappy? But they won't get a divorce because they've been together for so long that it's just convenient and easy to stay together. I really don't want this to be the case. I can't imagine just being together because it's what you're used to.

I mean there's always something to say. Whether it be I love you, go fuck yourself, or you're hogging the blankets, there's always something. But isn't there always a story to tell? Do you think people run out of stories? If that's the case, maybe you're around each other too much. But that's an easy fix.

I know that I don't ever want to stop having stories to tell. I don't want to stop talking to Blake.

What are your thoughts? Do you think people can really run out of stuff to say to each other? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a Grey's Anatomy episode where the older lady was talking about how her and her husband can sit through dinner without saying a word to each other because their love is so strong they can enjoy the silence.

Jordan said...

I don't think I could do that if I tried. I have a big ass mouth.

Beth W said...

My parents never ran out of things to say to each other, but they weren't nice things, and now they're divorced (after 42 years of marriage). So, there's that.

On the other hand, Fedora and I talk SO MUCH. ALL THE TIME. I cannot imagine us stopping talking after decades of our relationship. We'd just re-hash all the same stories we've been telling each other.
Unless the food is so good that we want to fix our entire conversation on eating it.
But even then, we'd probably talk about how good it is. :)