Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Woman Crush Wednesday

Oh my gawwwww. I'm worn the fuck out. I'm so glad it's Wednesday and tomorrow my nice 5 day vacay starts. I've worked a week straight because I'm taking the weekend off. And 4 of those days have been doubles. My body hurts.

Anyway...I wanna tell you about my woman crush today. I have a massive lady boner for none other than ....

Miranda Lambert

That woman is just absolutely gorgeous. I mean of course she is but there are other reasons I chose her for my woman crush today. 

Let's start with the fact that she is a dog lover. And she rescues them because she can! I love animals and if I could rescue all the things I would. Last I read she had like 5 dogs or something like that. Her love for animals is just the cherry on top. It's what made me really love her. She spends her time volunteering at events that humane societies are hosting for people to adopt animals. All together now "Ahhhhh." 

This video is super cute. A little girl invited her to an adoption event and she went just for her. Watch it.

She's got an attitude. Girl doesn't put up with shit. And I like that in a woman. It's easier for me to be friends with people with girls who don't put up with shit. And I love that her attitude is show cased in her music. How many other female country stars would sing about beating their exes with a gun? I just love it!

Her relationship with Blake Shelton is amazing. They both gush about how much they love each other and I think it's so cute. I know that maybe their relationship didn't start in the best of ways but they do love each other. And she puts up with his BS. People with the initials BS really spew a lot of bullshit. I mean that in thewmost loving way possible. Blake and my dad's initials are both BS and they'll pull you for a loop if you let them. You gotta be on your toes with these people. =)

When I'm famous, she'll def be the first person I ask to hang out with. And we can drink beer and go shopping together. The boys can sit at home and drink beer and think of things to give us shit about. 


Brandy said...

Everything you just said, it's like you pulled from my brain! I mean, every single thing you said...except my dads initials aren't also But that's the only exception.
I also have a lady boner for Miranda.
And she is beautiful in person...even though it's been YEARS since I saw her. I would LOVE to get to know and hang out with her (& Blake for that matter).

Glad you get a week off after working your ass off!

Jordan said...

I love Miranda. In a world where there are Taylor Swifts, women like you and me need a Miranda Lambert! I would seriously hate to be her ex.

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

I've seen her in concert a few times, once with Blake, who I saw up there you love. But anyway I was literally six rows back and she was rockin out, per the usual, so I decided to throw up the rock on hand gesture, and she did it right along with me.

My one and only moment of glory;)