Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Wonderful World of October

Do you feel that? Feel what you ask, well you guys it's finally October! This is my favorite month of the year. I looooove it. I was in such a funk this last week and couldn't figure out why. Then I realized that I was really in need of October to be here. I love my birthday because I share it with Jordan and I get a holiday, I mean how fucking cool, but if I had to choose my own birthday it would definitely be in October. It's just the best. It makes me so super mega ultra happy.

This month I have a lot going on. I figure I'd fill you in on why I just love October so much. I'm a little overwhelmed just thinking about it all but I'm still super pumped!

- I have not just one, but three concerts coming up this month!! Eeeeep. This weekend I'm gonna go see Blake Shelton with my aunt and miss Kyla who went with us to see Kenny in May. I'm more than ready for some debauchery and craziness. Who knows what will happen when we're all together. Then I'm gonna go see Florida Georgia Line and Keith Urban. Both of those shows are in the same week!

- It's Maple Leaf month. I know I've talked about Maple Leaf before, it's just so fun. There's a whole week of shenanigans to go to, some things I wanna try and get to are the lip sync competition, a couple of wine tastings at our local liquor stores, and of course the parade! The morning of the parade the fire department hosts a pancake feed and I haven't been in forever. Friday night before the parade our one and only local watering hole somehow manages to fit the whole town in the bar and it's a wild and crazy party. I haven't been but I want to go this year. 

- My daddy, littlest sister, and uncle's birthdays are all this month. I really want to get together with them and have a great dinner and just a good time. 

- It's gonna start getting cold! I already pulled out my new boots because hello, it's October. I love the crisp air against my face and layering my clothes. What's better than leggings and boots! 

- I'm gonna start using my crockpot again. I love my crockpot I just don't think that there's anything I can make in the warmer months. I want to use it once a week for sure. Know of any good crock pot recipes? Let me know!

- And uh...ya know Halloween!! It's one of my favorite holidays. I just love it. My daughter obviously got this from me because all year long she talks about what she wants to be. I'm not even kidding. Halloween talk at our house goes on for a while. She's already planning what she wants to be next year. It might be a problem. Blake and I are going to a Halloween pub crawl in Springfield. I'm not buying a new costume because I can just wear my one from last year again. Because it's the fucking bomb!

- It's time to start thinking about Christmas presents! I know what I want to get mi familia and I need to start working on them. If I keep procrastinating then I won't be able to do it. Ahhhh. 

So bring it on October, I'm ready for you!! Are you pumped for October?

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Jordan said...

So ready for Halloween! I didn't dress up last year but I want to this year. We don't get cooler weather until later but it can't get here soon enough. I need hoodies and scarves and boots in my life.