Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Best Songs of the Year

I love me some music. I really truly do. And although I may listen to a lot of country, and mainstream stuff, I still think that I can learn from it.

Last week when Helene announced that she was going to host this link up, I already knew I was going to participate. The problem is, what songs would I pick. I have seriously thought about it for a week. And I still have no clue.

I want to pick all the songs unless they're by Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, or Gaga. But I won't. So, here's what songs I could think of that I adored this year. And no, they're not in any certain order.

Royals - Lorde
I was behind the times when this song came out. Everybody knew what it was before me. But damn it's an amazing song! It's not like all the other music that came out. I just dig it.

Radio Active - Imagine Dragons
Rocking out to this song is the bomb. I can get a good workout doing so. However, I have to tell you that when it came out, I thought the lyrics were "Ready to rock you" instead of radio active. Fail.

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light 'Em UP) - Fall Out Boy
Another song made for rocking out. The return of FOB was unexpected to me. I was never a fan girl but I appreciate this good song. I don't know if you've ever watched them perform it, but they look bored as shit. Please rock out while singing this song.

Anything by Blake Shelton

Seriously. I don't think he released one song I didn't like this year. If I have to pick, I have to pick three songs. Boys Round Here, Mine Would Be You, Sure Be Cool if You Did. Love all of them. Apparently Blake and Vevo don't get along because they only had 4 videos and none of them were my songs. Google it!

Play it Again - Luke Bryan

He hasn't released it on the radio yet, but technically it came out in 2013. IT strikes a chord with me because what girl doesn't go "OMG THIS IS MY SONG!!!" every time her favorite song comes on. As much as I love Luke, I've played this song before and I just think that this picture is more appropriate.

Ho Hey - The Lumineers
People got tired of this song really fast but I still love it. Something about that "folk" sound gets me sometimes. I know they aren't really that folksy but I say they are and let me be happy.

We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus
And she won't stop. Please don't stop Miley.

It Goes Like This - Thomas Rhett
Just listening to this one makes me smile.

Wake Me Up - Avicci
This song could be considered over played but when you don't have a radio, nothing is overplayed. I really like that this song is considered EDM. I could get more into that genre if it sounded like this.

Thrift Shop/Ceiling Can't Hold Us - Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
I know that these are two different songs but I love them both. I really just like Macklemore. I mean he raps about shit that matters. I can appreciate that. Can't wait to hear more from theses two! And again, I couldn't find anything on Vevo.

Timber - PitBull & Ke$ha
I love Kesha. LOVE her. And this song just gets stuck in my head and I enjoy singing it to piss off people. =) When we went to Blake's Christmas party the dueling pianists played this and it sounded awesome!

I could keep going. But I've gotta get to work.

Do you agree with anything on this list? Or disagree?

Helene in Between


Helene in Between said...

if you liked that avicii song you should listen to the rest of his album. it's perfection!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Love me some Luke Bryan!!! My list is going up tomorrow bc I made it then forgot! haha